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Photo above: Dean Shepson welcomes the Class of 2019 at the SoMAS Convocation.

Honorary Degree recipient and keynote speaker Greg Marshall.

Honorary Degree recipient and keynote speaker Greg Marshall.

Congratulations to our graduates!  The annual SoMAS Convocation occurred on Friday, May 24, 2019 at the Center for Leadership and Service. Students gathered with their friends and family and SoMAS faculty and staff to celebrate the completion of their journey at Stony Brook University.

Dean Paul Shepson provided opening remarks after the processional and Honorary Degree Recipient and alum Greg Marshall gave the Convocation Address (YouTube).

Awarding of Undergraduate Certificates

B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Presented by Dr. Brian A. Colle

  • Shannon Bohman, Cunpu Fan, Benjamin Kriegel, Katherine McKeown, Cody Monfett-Cohan, Samantha Nebylitsa

B.A. in Environmental Studies Presented by Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza

  • Jin An, Vasiliki Antoniadis, Sam Dickran, Christina Dorf, Lauren Hassouneh, Alexander Hirsch, Yunjie Lu, Katherine Maines, Conor Murphy, Alexandria Orlassino, Caitlin Rosentraub, Gina Marie Schultz, Stephanie Sforza, Andrew Simakov, Sarah Tilatitsky, Xin Wang, Julia Wojciechowski

B.S. in Marine Sciences Presented by Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza

  • Jackie Avignone, Seon Woo Bak, Kayla Clauson, John Dimarzo, Jennifer Esch, Antonio Fanizzi, Kaitlyn Fenster, John Hardie, Stephen Havens, Courtney Jansen, Robert Mamys, John McGee, Bradley McGuire, Finn Morrissey, Sabrina Simone, Andrew Vernon

B.S. in Marine Vertebrate Biology Presented by Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza

  • Courtney Arliss, Mary Bertschi, Erin Carlino, Brianna Colon, Christian Crosby, Olivia Diehl, Nathan Fuentes, Emma Galvin, Alexa Gil, Madeleine Keefe, John Maniscalco, Riley Pena, Nicholas Potter, Mary Riggs, Patrick Robertson, Courtney Stuart, Ashley Wallace, Brian Williams, Tammy Zhong

B.S. in Coastal Environmental Studies Presented by Dr. Kate Aubrecht

  • William Brayer, Lucy DiBenedetto, Hikaru Funakoshi, Siobhan Keeling, Michelle Okvist, Anthony Sferrazza

B.A. in Ecosystems and Human Impact Presented by Dr. Kate Aubrecht

  • Mary Bertschi, Kaya Fujimoto, Karim Hanna, Hogyeum Joo, Belinda Louie, Riley Pena, Rachel Wanderman

B.A. in Environmental Design, Policy and Planning Presented by Dr. Kate Aubrecht

  • Joseph Carney, Tina Chen, Bryan Gimler, Meiqi Huang, Lindsey Hughes, David Kong, Tingyu Lai, Ze-You Lin, Morgan McLenan, Luis Ramirez, Madeline Schoenfeld, Glenn Siegfried, Raina Wong, Marco Wu, Kohei Yamada, Annie Zheng

B.A. in Environmental Humanities Presented by Dr. Kate Aubrecht

  • Claire Moran, Jonathan Quiles, Yasmine Resnick, Elizabeth Tanzi

B.A. in Sustainability Studies Presented by Dr. Kate Aubrecht

  • Maria Alvarado, Thomas Fleischmann, Eric Hesselbach, Claire Lion, Emika Nakamura, Stephanie Suh, Chris Tran, Condrea Zhuang


Honors Recognized

Undergraduate Honors presented by Dr. Paul Shepson, Dean

  • Mary Bertschi The Use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Rarefaction Curves to Quantify Fishery Degradation in the Peruvian Amazon. Dr. Sharon Pochron, Advisor
  • Karim Hanna The Impact of Roundup® on Earthworm Reproductive Systems. Dr. Sharon Pochron, Advisor
  • Hogyeum Joo Campus Forest as a Target of Urban Open Space Preservation: A Case Study. Dr. Sharon Pochron, Advisor
  • Riley Pena The Effect of Crumb Rubber Exposure on Earthworm Mitochondrial DNA. Dr. Sharon Pochron, Advisor
  • Courtney Stuart Peruvian piranhas—All Bark and No Bite? Examining a Novel Mandible Condition in the Amazon Basin. Maria Brown, Advisor
Matthew Colson with the winners of the Stony Brook Alumni Association Dean’s Choice Awards

Matthew Colson with the winners of the Stony Brook Alumni Association Dean’s Choice Awards

Stony Brook Alumni Association Dean’s Choice Awards Presented by Matthew Colson, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

  • Atmospheric Sciences – Katherine McKeown
  • Environmental Studies – Stephanie Sforza
  • Marine Sciences – Courtney Jansen
  • Sustainability Studies – Lindsey Hughes

Timothy Magnussen Memorial Scholarship Award Presented by Dr. Brian A. Colle

  • Justin Bettenhauser
  • Bridget Hyland
  • Magdalena Wrobel

Petra M. Udelhofen Memorial Scholarship Award Presented by Dr. Brian A. Colle

  • Skyler Graap
  • Anna Smith

Nuria Protopopescu Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching Presented by Dr. Robert C. Aller

  • Sara Cernadas-Martin

Pikitch Family Endowed Student Research Award Presented by Dr. David Black

  • John Bohorquez

Best Thesis/Dissertation Awards Presented by Dr. David Black

  • Best Dissertation: Adam Herrington
  • Best Thesis: Raymond Sukhdeo

Master of Arts in Marine Conservation and Policy Certificates Presented by Dr. Glenn Lopez

  • Damien Beri, Kaitlyn Boyle, Joshua Dodway, Matthew Gino, Andrew Glinsky, Gina Greer, Reuven Hoffman, Jacqueline Johnson, Erika Lanfranchi, Andrew Larkin, Farrah Leone, Jennifer Lopez, Roxana Saravia, Ashley Wemp

Master of Science and Doctoral Certificates in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Presented by Dr. David Black

  • Master of Science in Marine & Atmospheric Sciences
    • Timothy Frankstone
      A Remote Sensing Approach to Assessing Habitat Representation in Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study in China’s Coastal Seas
      Dr. Ellen K. Pikitch, Advisor
    • Laura Halligan
      Detection of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Wild Labyrinthulomycetes
      Dr. Jackie L. Collier, Advisor
    • Evan Horowitz
      210Pb and 210Po Distributions in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: Tracers of Particulate Organic Carbon Flux
      Dr. J. Kirk Cochran, Advisor
    • Mark Lusty
      The Efficacy of Hydrogen Peroxide in Mitigating Cyanobacterial Blooms and Altering Microbial Communities
      Dr. Christopher J. Gobler, Advisor
    • Brooke Morrell
      Effects of Diurnal Changes in Acidification and Hypoxia on Early-life Stage Estuarine Fishes
      Dr. Christopher J. Gobler, Advisor
    • Sarah Nickford
      Mechanisms Controlling the Summertime Inter annual Variability of summertime sea surface temperatures and Chlorophyll-a in the Northwest Atlantic
      Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza, Advisor
    • Kaitlyn O’Toole
      Development of a Bio-optical Model For Application Towards Seagrass Restoration Within the Peconic Bay estuary (Long Island, NY)
      Dr. Bradley J. Peterson, Advisor
  • Dr. Brian Colle and other SoMAS faculty.

    Dr. Brian Colle and other SoMAS faculty.

    Doctor of Philosophy in Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

    • Suyash Bire
      Eddy Dynamics of Eastern Boundary Currents
      Dr. Christopher P. Wolfe, Advisor
    • Kelsey Brunner
      A Comprehensive Study of Surface Circulation on the Mid-Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf
      Dr. Kamazima M.M. Lwiza, Advisor
    • Sara Cernadas-Martin
      Multidisciplinary Ecological Characterization of Summer Flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) in Shinnecock Bay, New York
      Dr. Ellen K. Pikitch, Advisor
    • M. Elisabeth Henderson
      Direct and Indirect Effects of Temperature on Fish Distributions Along the Northeast United States Continental Shelf
      Dr. Janet A. Nye, Advisor
    • Adam Herrington
      Understanding Resolution Sensitivity in the Community Atmosphere Model
      Dr. Kevin A. Reed, Advisor
    • Isaac Klingensmith
      Interactions of Mangroves and the Silicon Cycle in Coastal French Guiana
      Dr. Robert C. Aller, Advisor
    • Nicholas Leonardo
      Ensemble Verification of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts and an Analysis of Large Error Cases
      Dr. Brian A. Colle, Advisor
    • Chen-Geng Ma
      Impacts of Storm Track Variations on Extreme Weather Events and Moisture Budgets Over the United States
      Dr. Edmund K.M. Chang, Advisor
    • Kellie McCartin
      Understanding Spatial and Temporal Behavior and Ecology of Diadromous Fish in a Coastal River with Restored Passage
      Dr. Michael G. Frisk, Advisor
    • Maren Mitch
      Impact of Diet on Three Commercially Important Long Island Species
      Dr. Robert M. Cerrato, Advisor
    • Albert Yau
      Quantifying and Understanding Variability and
      Impacts of Storm Tracks
      Dr. Edmund K.M. Chang, Advisor
    • Xiayan Ye
      Impacts of Methylmercury on the Early Life Stage of a Marine Fish
      Dr. Nicholas S. Fisher, Advisor
    • Yang Zhou
      Life Cycle of Atmospheric Rivers over the North Pacific: Identification, Processes, and Intraseasonal Variability
      Dr. Hyemi Kim, Advisor


Minor in Environmental Studies

Courtney Arliss, Joshua Farber, Karim Hanna, Cormac Killeen, James Lightner, Elizabeth Salzman, Condrea Zhuang

Minor in Marine Sciences

Hikaru Funakoshi, Siobhan Keeling, Yugaan Mehta, Meaghan Rondeau, Dashani Rosa, Xin Wang, Julia Wojciechowski

Minor in Ecosystems and Human Impact

Courtney Jansen, Robert Mamys, Yugaan Mehta, Amanda Mullaney, Nicholas Potter, Veronica Tuazon, Condrea Zhuang

Minor in Environmental Design, Policy and Planning

Erlik Rodrigues, Daniel Rose

Minor in Sustainability Studies

Shannon Bohman, Gabriella Eng, Siobhan Keeling, Yinxue Lu, Katherine Maines, Victoria Mikros, Seema Ramjit, Danielle Sockin, Marco Wu

Minor in Geospatial Science

Joseph Carney, Lucy DiBenedetto, Hogyeum Joo, Nicholas Potter, Stephanie Sforza

The Ceremony program is available as a PDF download.
Photos of the Event by Kurt Bretsch are available on Google Photos and the Graduating Students Slideshow is also available on Google Photos.
Video from the event is available on YouTube and on Facebook Live.  Video from the main Stony Brook University Commencement is also available on YouTube.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the event including Ginny Clancy, Christina Fink, Diane Vigliotta, Alex Sneddon, Kurt Bretsch, Steve Ortega, Mark Wiggins, Kim Knoll, Mark Lang, Betsy Barrows, Ping Liu, Kaitlin Willig, Christina Heilbrun, Karen Warren, and Maureen Murphy.

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