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So, it’s 2020! That’s crazy! This makes it seem like we are finally in the 21st Century. We should make some big resolutions. Right? I will resolve to do the best I can do to promote SoMAS, its students, staff, and faculty, and their fantastic achievements.

Here are some other resolutions that I wish for all of us!

  • We could try to regularly help someone in need.
  • We could do things every day that help with a cleaner, more natural environment like use less plastic and not buy water in small plastic bottles.
  • We could try to reduce our carbon footprint, by doing things like drive less, use public transportation more, and walk or ride a bicycle. And not use the handicap button to open a door, unless we personally need that support. And not using the elevator as much, especially to go down! Pushing that button and using the elevator warm the planet!
  • We can take time to enjoy the natural world, and every once in a while, put our phones down; even talk to each other!
  • We can tell and teach young people that they do have power, they can make the world a better place, and there is hope for the future.
  • We can make SoMAS a fun place to work, and we can strive to make it better.
  • We can help our country to aim higher and to be better, with respect to tolerance of all others, to be kind, and to lead in these things by example.
  • And we will most definitely all vote and encourage everyone we know to vote. It is our right, our opportunity, our responsibility!

Thank you for all that you do.

May your 2020 be healthy, exciting, and productive!


Paul Shepson
Dean, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

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