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From URECA’s 2020 Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium on Stony Brook University News, May 6, 2020.

URECA’s Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creativity is an annual event organized by the URECA Program that showcases undergraduate research and is open to all SBU undergraduates conducting faculty-mentored research and creative projects. As the only university-wide research symposium, this event provides a way for faculty and students to see what’s going on in their own and other departments. For spring 2020, the URECA program became a virtual poster exhibition with several other events, including an Art Exhibition, Departmental Conferences and an Honors College Symposium.

“We value your support and participation, and know you’ll enjoy seeing what these students have accomplished,” said Karen Kernan, Director, Programs for Research and Creative Activity. Several students, mentored by SoMAS faculty, presented their research at the event. To see the complete list of participating students and research labs, please visit the URECA Student Poster Session. Congratulations to the participants!

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Nurual Afsar, Sabrina Happ, Jeff Lai, Cameryn Miller, Oscar Williams, & Jasmine Wu; Mentor: Frank Russo, P.E.

Delphine Mossman; Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Levinton

Alexandra Stevens; Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Levinton

Sydney Antonawich & Caitlin Bricault; Mentors: Dr. Bassem Allam & Dr. Jackie Collier

Justin Bettenhauser; Mentor: Dr. Kevin A. Reed

Claire Garfield; Mentor: Dr. Jackie Collier

Michael Horowitz & Mariana Rius; Mentors: Dr. Jackie Collier (SoMAS) & Dr. Joshua Rest (Ecology & Evolution)

Camilla Piechocki, Sabrina O’Reilly, & Nancy Liang; Mentor: Dr. Bassem Allam

Austin Reed; Mentor: Dr. Kevin A. Reed

Leora Simon, Ariel Shaddaie, Sayeed Khan, Patrick Kuflewski, Siddhartha Maharjan, Wali Pirzada, & Lija Gao; Mentor: Dr. Sharon Pochron

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