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From Researchers of the Month May 2020 on the URECA website, May 2020

Graduating senior and Marine Vertebrate Biology and Applied Math and Statistics double major Delphine Mossman, mentored by Dr. Jeffrey Levinton, has been selected as one of the URECA Researchers of the Month!

Delphine Mossman

Delphine Mossman, MVB ’20

Delphine Mossman is a  Marine Vertebrate Biology and Applied Math and Statistics double major. During her time at Stony Brook University, she assisted with research in the Bradley Peterson lab at the Southampton campus, and the Janet Nye lab at the West campus. Her Honors College thesis examined the current state of Pacific salmon populations and contrasted it with their presented state in the 1999 book  Song for the Blue Ocean , by Dr. Carl Safina. She will be attending the University of New Brunswick, in Canada, in the fall to pursue a Master of Science in biology. Working in Dr. Kimberley Davies’ lab, her project will involve using autonomous gliders to monitor endangered North Atlantic right whales and their prey, in order to better predict their location in real time and therefore help implement flexible conservation measures. She is a recipient of the Provost Award for Academic Excellence, and is graduating summa cum laude.

Karen. What advice about research do you have for other students?

Delphine.  Don’t underestimate the impact of the small stuff! Even though my assistance in the Peterson and Nye labs was mostly helping with setup/recording of experiments and data analysis, I still got the chance to talk with the graduate students about their work, which was a valuable experience when figuring out my post-graduation plans.


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