Promotional Materials and Brochures


SoMAS Brochure

SoMAS 2009 Pamphlet

MSRC Brochure

MSRC at State University at Stony Brook description

MSRC featured in SUNY Research ’83 by J.R. Schubel

Stony Brook Research Centers – MSRC

MSRC R/V Onrust Brochure

MSRC R/V Micmac Brochure

Sound Science Ferry Invitation 2003-9-20

Charlie Wurster Retirement Symposium Program

MSRC Institute Letterhead

Discovery Bay Laboratory Brochure

Physics of Oceans and Atmospheres Brochure

MSRC Graduate Studies Brochure

MSRC MS in Marine Environmental Studies Brochure

Graduate Studies in Fisheries Biology Brochure

Undergraduate ATM/MAR Courses 1995-1996

Undergraduate ATM/MAR Courses 2006-2007

Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University tear flyer

Undergraduate Minor in Marine Sciences Brochure

Environmental Studies at Marine Sciences Brochure

Stony Brook Meteorology Club Brochure

Youth Student Summer Program in Marine Sciences Brochure

Waste Management Institute Brochure

WRMI – On The Significance of Floatable Wastes in the Marine Environment Brochure

International Ocean Disposal Symposium Call for Papers Brochure

The Baked Apple – Metropolitan New York in the Greenhouse Brochure

East River Tidal Barrage Seminar April 29, 1993 Brochure

Hudson River Estuary Celebration – August 17, 1996 Program

1990 MSRC Speaker’s Bureau Brochure

1991 MSRC Speaker’s Bureau Brochure

1993-94 MSRC Speaker’s Bureau Brochure

1992-93 Directory of Stony Brook Faculty with Environmental Interests

MSRC Juried Photo Exhibition Brochure

MSRC Associates Program Brochure

MSRC Associates Program Brochure (different design)

Doing Business on Long Island Seminar 1992 Sept 23-24 Brochure

SoMAS East End Research Brochure

Coastal Society Call for Papers Flyer – October 21-24, 1990

Oceanography Magazine Tribute to Akira Okubo – Volume 12, Number 1 – 1999 Source

Sigma Xi 1982 Program

Fabulous Jazz Concert Program 2014

Stony Brook Village Center Walking Map and Guide – Featuring MSRC Events

Introduction to Marine Science 1971 Brochure

Taproot Brochure

Taproot 1993 Poem Collection (raw)

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