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As part of the Radar Observatory at SoMAS, the mobile Radar Truck contains the following equipment:

  1. Skyler, low cost, low power X-band phased array radar
  2. AirMar Weather Station for measuring temperature, wind, pressure, humidity
  3. Parsivel Disdrometer that measures the size, number and fall speed of precipitation (how much rain/snow, how fast and how big are the drops/flakes)
  4. Micro Rain Radar Pro (MRR-Pro), which analyzes the clouds above to find the different layers where snow turns begins to melt and then form rain drops, as well as the fall rate of precipitation.
  5. CHM15k Ceilometer which measures the height of the clouds.
  6. Cameras that capture the action in real time.
  7. Ability to launch weather balloons.

View Radar Truck Real Time Data

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