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The Queen of the MSRC fleet and the first research vessel operated by MSRC was the R/V Frump, an apparently aptly-named 23′ inboard.  The first captain was MSRC building manager Peter K. deNyse.

The R/V Frump was found to be severely damaged when she was being prepared for launching in the spring of 1969. The R/V Frump was at this point considered by consultants to be no longer seaworthy. Inasmuch as she had been constructed for pleasure purposes rather than as a work boat, the decision was made to replace her. The R/V Frump was replaced with the R/V Mic Mac, a 40′ wood-hulled Nova Scotia lobster boat whose operations were restricted to the protected environs of Long Island’s various embayments and Long Island Sound.

References to the R/V Frump:

R/V Frump

From “Stony Brook State University of New York College History Series“: Stony Brook University’s Marine Research Division utilized the 28-foot long vessel Frump to facilitate its scientific research.

R/V Frump

Celebrating 50 Years With The Risk Of Saying Nothing

Photo above:  At the keynote for our "Risk of Saying Nothing" environmental media conference, five Deans stand with proclamations from local government officials.  From left, Valerie Cartright, Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman, Dr. Malcolm Bowman, Dr. Minghua Zhang,...

Biology Department Adds “Frump”

From Bio. Dept. Adds "Frump" on the SB Statesman, May 14, 1963. There has been a new addition to the Biology staff of State University at Stony Brook recently. No, it's not another professor, but a new boat for marine biological research. The 28-foot boat, named...

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