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Upon the discovery that the R/V Frump was no longer seaworthy, Dr. Edward Baylor combed the eastern seaboard north of New York in search of an appropriate work boat. A 39-foot Nava Scotian hull fishing boat was selected and purchased with funds advanced by the Research Foundation. The vessel was brought to Port Jefferson harbor and preliminarily out-fitted for use as an oceanographic vessel. A contest was held on the local campus to select a name for her–the winning name, submitted by Miss Leona Peters of the MSRC, was MICMAC, the name of a tribe of Nova Scotian Indians. The MICMAC has been heavily utilized during the year and has been only preliminary outfitted as a research vessel. Considerable funds were to be spent in the 1969 to fit aboard the latest equipment for both research and instruction.

The R/V Micmac was acquired by the Marine Sciences Research Center in the 1970s and was available for research and instructional activities upon application to the Center.  The Micmac was retired when the R/V Onrust was acquired by MSRC.  A brochure for the R/V Micmac is available to download.


  • Type. Nova Scotia Fisherman, Wood Hull
  • Length at water line: 39 feet, 9 inches
  • Beam: 11 feet, 6 inches
  • Draft: 4 feet, 6 inches
  • Power: 400 h.p. Buick Wildcat Marine Conversion, fresh water cooled with saltwater exhaust manifolds
  • Cruising speed: 12 knots
  • Range: 250 nautical miles a1 cruising speed
  • Endurance: 22 hours
  • Fuel: Gasoline


  • Power: 3 kilowatt Onan diesel generator providing 120 volt A.C.; 12 volt D.C.
  • Laboratory: Saltwater laboratory in wheelhouse. 2 cubic foot freezer forward.
  • Overside capability: Hydroproducts gasoline powered winch with 1000 feet of 3/16″ stainless steel wire; hand winch with 150 feet of BT wire. Gin poles mounted port and starboard with capacity of 500 pounds; 1/2 ton A-frame hoist over fantail.
  • Navigational equipment: Decca 101 radar; Bludworth RDF; Bendix recording fathometer; Simpson marine band radio, 4 band plus broadcast, radiotelephone.
  • Amenities: Light cooking forward. Raritan electric head in forepeak with chlorinator, macerator. Wheelhouse with double doors opening to fantail approximately 6112 x 7 feet; deck area approximately 8112 x 12 feet.

The R/V Micmac is available with some scientific equipment under special arrangements, but users are encouraged to supply their own over-the-side gear. Operating rates, at the time, (including captain) are $75 per day; $40 for half a day. Limited numbers of grants to cover operating expenses are available to faculty of the State University of New York.


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