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Mark Wiggins, Fleet Manager
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794-5000
Tel: 631-632-8677

Chris Harter, Captain
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook NY 11794-5000
Mobile: 516-666-0569

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  • Built: 1982 by Washburn and Doughty Associates, Woolrich, ME
  • Conversion Design and Stability Investigation: Napier Company, Arbroath, Scotland
  • Hull type: Steel
  • Length: 80′
  • Beam: 21′
  • Draft: 11′
  • Gross Tons: 122
  • Net Tons: 97
  • Speed: 10 knots max, 3 knots min.1
  • Fuel Capacity: 7000 gal.
  • Water Capacity: 1300 gal.
  • Endurance: 12 days
  • Accommodations: Berths for 11. Full galley, shower/head, all compartments air conditioned/heated.
  • Main Engine: Cummins KT38M 800 hp. w/ Twin Disc 527 gear 4.75:1 reduction turning a 72″ single screw.
  • Generators: Two 3 phase 208v generators. Main power 85kW Northern Lights with 30kW Lister backup.
  • Clean Power: 3 kW central UPS. This system supplies 5 P3 computers (275W ea.) with 15-20 min reserve and 100% excess capacity.
  • Trawl Winches: 2 Pullmaster H25-7-86-5. Capacity: 2092m ½” wire rope. Bare Drum: line pull 25,000Lbs, line speed: payout 198m/min, retrieve 43m/min, Full Drum: line pull 8,208lbs, line speed: payout 604m/min, retrieve 130m/min. Both will rotate to align with center block on A frame and outboard trawl blocks.
  • Oceanographic Winch: 1 TBD.  Located on 01 deck. Capacity: 1100m .322″ 3 conductor electro-mechanical cable.  Drum will be replaceable in port with .25″ wire rope.  Winch will rotate to align with port side gantry and stern gantry.
  • Main Boom: 27′ vanged boom powered by 4 Pullmaster PL-5 winches for slewing, topping and hoisting functions.  Outboard reach 15′ maximum.  Estimated capacity 5000 lbs.  Mounted on mast above shelter deck keeping open deck space clear.
  • Gallows/Net Reel: Free standing gallows frames.  Removable 8′ diameter net drum.  Stern bulkheads enclosing stern ramp and supporting net drum completely removable, with a removable grating to span the stern ramp opening.  This allows for an open stern to the width of the A frame for general gear deployment. Full capabilities for bottom/midwater trawling.
  • Stern Gantry: 20′ clear opening height, width 12′ clear opening, 6 ton working load, 5 lift points, 8 ft. aft reach.
  • Port Side Gantry: Side U frame, one ton capacity, 8′ clear opening height, 5′ opening width, 4′ overboard/inboard reach.
  • Anchor Winch:  H10 Pullmaster winch, 900′ 5/8″ wire capacity, wheelhouse control with manual loss of power override.
  • Lab Space: Separate wet and dry labs.  Wet lab 120 sq. ft. Dry lab 128 sq. ft.  Air-conditioned, with fresh/seawater outlets, 110/220v outlets, 12v DC outlets.  Stainless steel cabling troughs for running permanent and transient wiring with pass-throughs for access to deck, moonpool, and wheelhouse.  Stainless steel double sinks and counter space completely removable or configurable to any requirements.
  • Overboard Discharge/Holding Tanks:   3 separate 325 gal. polyethylene tanks for sewage and gray water.  Ability for zero discharge when needed.
  • Hydraulic System: Vanged boom/oceanographic winch, side U frame and stern A frame powered by 3 10hp electric/hydraulic power packs with the coupling ability to increase capacity for transient equipment.  Main trawl winches, net drum and anchor winch controlled by main engine driven pumps with up to 70 gpm capacity.  Electrically controlled proportional valves for wheelhouse aft winch control station.
  • Deck Capacity: 600 sq. ft. work deck covered with rubberized asphalt deck tiles.   Eight 2″x 13′ stainless steel strips laid in fore and aft for welding down temporary mounts or equipment. 220v AC or 35gpm hydraulic power available for transient winches. Provisions to allow for an 8’x15′ portable van.
  • Moon Pool: 24″ diameter moonpool with access through wet lab deck.  Adaptable flange with locking tabs suited for a variety of mounts.  Approximate 9′ below waterline.
  • Wheelhouse Electronics: 72mi radar primary, 36 mi secondary radar, Furuno 1200 dual frequency sounder w/ 1kW 50/200 transducers and a 3kW 28khz transducer for 7200′ bottom detection, 2 ICOM VHF, SEA 222 sideband, Northstar 941/ internal differential primary GPS, Furuno GP 31 backup GPS, Nobeltec Visual Series PC charting

1 To be determined/tested

F/V Bagatell Conversion Diary

The Fishing Vessel Bagatell was purchased by NOAA to reduce the commercial fishing fleet and purchased by Stony Brook University to be converted into the Research Vessel Seawolf.  Then-Captain Steve Cluett logged the conversion process.  Check out the Conversion Diary!




Main Deck Level

Main Deck

Upper Deck Level

Upper Deck

Lower Deck Level

Lower Deck

Where is the Seawolf Now?

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The Articles below features the R/V Seawolf:

Senior Postdoctoral Associate – 2002329

Applications for a Senior Postdoctoral Associate are invited to work with an interdisciplinary team of biological and physical oceanographers at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University. We seek an enthusiastic and highly quantitative...

Celebrating the Top Stories of the Decade

As 2019 draws to a close, so does another decade of Making Scientific Research Count.  The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences accomplished much in the years between 2010 and 2019, recording $82 million in research expenditures, and over 1,300 degree...

R/V Seawolf Cruises Waters off NYC to Study Marine Life

Photo above: PhD student Julia Stepanuk uses video and photos from drone flights to study the body condition and foraging behavior of humpback whales for her dissertation research. From R/V Seawolf Cruises Waters off NYC to Study Marine Life on Stony Brook...

SoMAS Makes a Splash with Best College for Marine Biology Ranking

From Stony Brook Makes a Splash with Best College for Marine Biology Ranking on Stony Brook News by Amelia Camurati on November 20, 2018 College Magazine has ranked Stony Brook University fourth on its list of “The 10 Best Colleges for Marine Biology,” the only...

Stony Brook University Achieves Highest-Ever US News Ranking

From Stony Brook Achieves Highest-Ever US News Ranking on Stony Brook News on September 10, 2018 Stony Brook University has been ranked No. 80 among U.S. colleges and universities by U.S. News & World Report, the highest ranking in the university’s history and up...

Celebrating 50 Years With The Risk Of Saying Nothing

Photo above:  At the keynote for our "Risk of Saying Nothing" environmental media conference, five Deans stand with proclamations from local government officials.  From left, Valerie Cartright, Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman, Dr. Malcolm Bowman, Dr. Minghua Zhang,...


Sixteen volunteers did an outstanding job representing SoMAS and Stony Brook University at the SUBMERGE festival in Manhattan on Saturday September 16, 2017. Five tables of onshore exhibits informed and entertained the thousands of attendees on topics including effect...

SoMAS 50th Anniversary

Interim Dean of SoMAS, Larry SwansonWelcome to SoMAS! Many opportunities await you here. 2017 will be an exciting year to enter a career in marine and atmospheric sciences as we celebrate our 50th anniversary! Read More from the Dean

SoMAS and the R/V Seawolf attend SUBMERGE 2016

Great crowds attended the second annual SUBMERGE festival at Hudson River Park's Pier 26.  The event was hosted by Hudson River Park and the New York Hall of Science and SoMAS was there to participate!  Over 6000 people were in attendance! David Bowman, Jason...

R/V Seawolf Cruises With University of West Indies Students

For several years now, SUNY has had a partnership with the University of the West Indies (UWI) to further collaborative research and instruction by teams of faculty members from both institutions.  As part of that collaboration Dr. Brad Peterson (SUNY) and Dayne Buddo...

Emily Markowitz receives Undergraduate Recognition Award

SoMAS is proud to announce that Emily Markowitz has been awarded the 2016 Undergraduate Recognition William J. Sullivan Award, the most prestigious service award Stony Brook presents to a graduating senior for academic accomplishments that go beyond the classroom...

Emily Markowitz (BS, 2015)

In the Fall of 2015, Emily Markowitz was a senior graduating with a major Marine Sciences with minors in Coastal Environmental Science, Geospatial Science and Theatre.  She was accepted into the Accelerated BS/MS degree program with Dr. Janet Nye in her Fisheries...

R/V Seawolf on Storage Wars

In late July 2013, the RV Seawolf escorted Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton from "Storage Wars: New York" in Port Jefferson Harbor to conduct an experiment with a water sampler they found in a storage locker.  Instrument Engineer Tom Wilson helped them test the...

Getting the Perfect Shot, Part 1

From the R/V Seawolf Facebook page In April of 2009, then R/V Seawolf Captain Steve Cluett wanted to get the perfect image of the R/V Seawolf. Floating in...Posted by R/V Seawolf on Friday, February 1, 2013

RV Seawolf Assists in Release of Bottlenose Dolphin

The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) assisted The Riverhead foundation for Marine Research and Preservation with the release of "Seabreeze" a nine-foot long male offshore bottlenose dolphin, for the last 3 months, Seabreeze had undergone intensive...

Essential Vitamins Promote Healthy Oceans

Your morning multi-vitamin may not only help you maintain your health, it may also be essential for marine life. MSRC graduate student Caterina Panzeca is investigating essential trace organic growth factors - specifically vitamins B1 and B12 - of marine phytoplankton...

OPS 2003 Cruise

At 0600 October 3, the Oceanographic Problem Solving (OPS) Class set sail for a 13 hour oceanographic research cruise to western Long Island Sound aboard the R/V SEAWOLF. OPS is a required course of all second-year Master's students at MSRC. The purpose of the course...

Bagatell Conversion Update January 12, 2001

One begins to really appreciate the scope of this project when looking at all that has been accomplished and just how fine a boat this is turning into.  Despite winter acting like winter for a change, substantial progress  continues.  Externally, the heavy railing on...

Bagatell Conversion Update December 14, 2000

Cold weather has been making painting slower to accomplish, but every break in the weather sees more of the finish coats being applied.  Much of the work has shifted to the interior of the vessel where many of the systems are being tied in and completed.  Most if not...

Bagatell Conversion Update November 21,2000

Progress continues on all fronts.  The entire topside has been sandblasted, and given 3 coats of primer.  The wheelhouse and mast have received the white topcoat to allow installation of doors and windows for closure against the elements.  In the meantime, the 30kW...

Bagatell Conversion Update October 30, 2000

The Bagatell has finally shed her old exterior.  Unseasonably fair weather last week allowed the shipyard to completely sandblast the exterior of the vessel above the waterline, as well as the lazarette and shaft alley in the fish hold.  Aside from some steel in the...

Bagatell Conversion Update October 19, 2000

With much of the major structure in place, the work on the Bagatell has now shifted to the details.  Much of the time in the last couple of weeks has been spent in determining the layout of the lab spaces, ventilation, wiring runs, plumbing, railing,and numerous other...

Bagatell Conversion Update September 25, 2000

The majority of large steel work in the conversion is complete.  The new lab spaces, hold access, and pilot house extension are in place.  The vessel will be moved this week to a location up in the harbor better suited for the sandblasting that will now take place. ...

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