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In addition to the M.A., M.S. and Ph.D. programs of study, certificate programs provide the opportunity for advanced study for students who do not wish to pursue a degree. Students interested in either of these programs should contact the Graduate Program Director.

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science (GSS)

The Advanced Graduate GSS Certificate will allow graduate students and working professionals to advance their GIS and / or remote sensing knowledge and employment opportunities with an industry-recognized certificate.  The certificate is offered through the Geospatial Center here at Stony Brook University.

The program requires students to earn 18 credits in addition to holding a BA, BS, or graduate degree. The program courses will be offered with flexible scheduling that is intended to allow full time students to complete the certificate requirements in one year.
Prerequisites: All applicants are required to hold a BA, BS degree, or graduate degree. Some basic knowledge of operating personal computers is necessary to complete the course work.

Please click here for a full listing of offerings in the Graduate Bulletin

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Coastal Engineering and Management

The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences will begin to offer a course of study leading to an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Coastal Engineering and Management. This certificate provides students with the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in the major areas of coastal engineering. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches in solving society’s most pressing problems, with an emphasis on the resilience of coastal communities. The faculty in the program is actively involved in state-of-the-art research and work collaboratively with graduate students on projects both applied and fundamental in nature.

Graduate students already pursuing a graduate degree in Marine Science, Oceanography, Geosciences, or Civil Engineering can be recognized with a focus in coastal issues beyond their basic degree program. The Advanced Graduate Certificate program will also provide the opportunity for Professional Engineers in the state of New York to obtain an academic credential while also fulfilling their continuing education requirement for licensure.

As an interdisciplinary program, the Advanced Graduate Certificate will be jointly administered by SoMAS (including Sustainability Studies) and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

There are four required, three-credit courses; MAR 514 Environmental Management, MAR 517 Waves (cross-listed with CIV 522: Introduction to Coastal Engineering), MAR 546 Marine Sedimentology, and CIV 518 Coastal Planning. Courses will be offered both in the classroom and on-line.

All required courses are able to be applied also as electives to the SoMAS M.S./Ph.D. program in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. A maximum of 3 graduate credits may be transferred from other programs toward the certificate. All requests for transfer of credits require the approval of the graduate program director.

Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Oceanic Science

The advanced graduate certificate program in Oceanic Science is designed to make the unique resources of the SoMAS available to professionals as well as to scholars both within the SUNY system and at other institutions as well as other professionals. Students admitted to this program complete two full-time semesters (18 credits) of intensive, specialized graduate studies in our core curriculum, or the equivalent, under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. The program is intended to supplement a student’s primary educational and professional goals providing the student with a broad background in oceanography as well as opportunity for in-depth course work in highly specialized topics. For further information, contact the SoMAS Graduate Program Director.

Graduate Certificate Program in Environment Management

SoMAS is the home of the Waste Reduction and Management Institute, dedicated to lessening the impacts of a complex array of wastes through research, environmental assessment, public outreach, and policy analysis. A Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management is administered by the School of Professional Development. The 18-credit program provides access to the most current expertise in waste management essential to working effectively in professional careers or public service. The certificate may also be incorporated into the degree of Professional Studies with a concentration in environmental management. For further information refer to the School of Professional Development section in this bulletin.

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