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This field course will be held in collaboration with The Cape Eleuthera Institute, a remote research station situated on Eleuthera, The Bahamas.  The educational topics of MAR 532 will vary depending on the interests of the class and will be determined prior to the semester and may include the ecology of predators (elasmobranchs and teleosts), conservation, management and more generally, the tropical marine environment. We are able to sample a broad range of predators from habitats spanning mangroves, oolitic banks, coral reefs, and open-ocean/deep-water. The course is comprised of a field visit to Eleuthera to collect biological samples and conduct analytical and statistical analyses. Following the field component, students will participate in the analyses and writing of a publication-quality scientific paper.

For more information, visit the Cape Eleuthera Institute website:

Students with questions regarding this course should contact:

Oliver Shipley or Michael Frisk


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