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Our students are interested in a variety of clubs at Stony Brook University.  The clubs below are advised by SoMAS Faculty or organized and run by SoMAS students.  For more information about the other clubs at Stony Brook University, please visit SB Engaged.

Undergraduate Student Clubs

Stony Brook Circus Club

Stony Brook Circus Club Logo of a unicycle and a juggling set.The Circus Club exists to enable access to equipment and knowledge about the circus arts to all SBU students. Many people interested in learning to juggle, unicycle, slackline, etc. find it logistically and financially difficult to get started.

We aim to teach those interested in learning, provide a place and time for people to practice with and learn from each other, and put on performances for the community.

Email us at or visit us on SB Engaged or Facebook.

Stony Brook Environmental Club


The purpose of the Stony Brook Environmental Club is to protect, conserve, and improve the environment by taking action on campus environmental issues. We will also raise awareness about local, regional, and global environmental issues through publication, presentation, and public interaction.

Join us for focus committees, campaigns, guest speakers, environmental-themed book clubs, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, such as hiking and gardening, and more! We also have notable events like our fall Hallogreen party and spring Green Gala. If you have something you would like to contribute, please let us know! We welcome all students.

We meet every Wednesday in the Student Union Room 237, from 7:00-8:00 PM!
Email us at or visit us on SB Engaged or Facebook.

Stony Brook Greenhouse and Gardening Guild

The Greenhouse and Gardening Guild is dedicated to the exploration of all topics related to gardening and greenhouse skills. Our club’s mission is to utilize the Life Sciences Greenhouse in order to teach local, sustainable farming to the Stony Brook campus. This is a hands on opportunity for students to grow and harvest their own produce. Meetings are usually every Wednesday at 1 pm in the Life Sciences Greenhouse.

Email us at or visit us on SB Engaged or Facebook.

Stony Brook Marine Science Club

For those majoring, minoring, or just plain interested in the other 71.11% of the Earth’s surface. Whether your jam is scuba diving, beach clean ups, shark diving, trips to the aquarium, ocean documentaries, or getting involved with research this is the club for you. SoMAS Major/minor declaration is never required – all are welcome!

The Marine Science Club meets every other Tuesday in SAC 303 from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Hope to SEA you all there!

Email us at, visit us on SB Engaged, find us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.”

Stony Brook Society for Women in Marine Science

The purpose of the Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS) is to provide a framework for discussion, networking, and mentoring young marine scientists. Our overall mission is to increase the visibility and retention of women in marine science, build inclusive professional networks, and create a community of marine researchers who acknowledge and address the difficulties facing women and minorities in the marine field.

E-mail us at or visit us at our website or find us on Facebook.

Stony Brook Meteorology Club 

SBUweatherThe Stony Brook Meteorology Club provides an environment in which Atmospheric Science majors and other students interested in weather can come together as a community.  We take trips to weather conferences, TV broadcast stations, and the National Weather Service, which offer our club members exceptional opportunities for education, networking, future research, and internships. At the conferences, club members present their own research to build upon existing knowledge in the meteorological community. We also bring our knowledge to the Stony Brook community by providing student-made forecasts and useful weather facts to the public on social media.

The club meets once a week during the school year. If you are interested in joining us at a meeting, please let us know at  Additional information is also available on the SBUWeather Facebook page.

Stony Brook Sierra Club 

The Stony Brook University Sierra Club is an opportunity for students to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places on our planet. We do this by teaching skills and providing experiences for our members that allow them to experience these wild places in a manner consistent with their preservation and conservation. To explore our wild spaces, we offer trips and events to our membership that bring them into nature and bring nature to them through backpacking, rock climbing, nature education, and other exciting ways. By training our members with the skills necessary to partake in these activities on their own, we allow them to enjoy these wild places to their own satisfaction. And by fostering a community, we provide an outlet for our members to enjoy these places with individuals that truly share their passion. But above all else, we foster a deep believe in our members that these wild places need to be protected and, in doing so, we provide the opportunities to protect these places through activism and environmental stewardship.

If you are interested in joining us at a meeting, please let us know at  Additional information is also available on the Sierra Club Facebook page.

Stony Brook Belly Dance

Belly Dancing is one of the oldest dances to celebrate the female body. The Stony Brook Belly Dancers are a group of women from all around the world, joined together by the common love of dance. Our routines are made up of classic movements from the Middle Eastern countries where Belly Dancing originated but we also incorporate modern steps and beats. Belly Dancing is a unique way to tone and control the body while learning a “new” style of dance and having fun!

If you are interested in joining us at a meeting, please let us know at  Additional information is also available on the Belly Dance Facebook page or the Facebook Group.

Graduate Student Clubs

GSC_LogoSoMAS Graduate Student Club

The mission of the SoMAS Graduate Student Club is to facilitate and foster an enjoyable extracurricular environment for the SoMAS graduate student community.  The SoMAS Graduate Student Club hosts annual events including Vax to Flax and Okubofest

Email us at or visit us on Facebook.


SBUGSOStony Brook Graduate Student Organization (Facebook)

The GSO is the graduate student government at Stony Brook University. The GSO is incorporated in the State of New York as a nonprofit organization.



While not affiliated directly with SoMAS, many of our students also participate in the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band.

The articles below feature events or members of the clubs and organizations of SoMAS.


SoMAS Student Athlete Champions Environment throughout Campus

STONY BROOK, N.Y. — From a young age, Jessica Salmon attended family reunions in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And a passion for marine biology was born. "I just fell in love with the water," Salmon said. "And I know it sounds cliché, but that was the time my...

Summer Updates from SoMAS Faculty

Above: a close-up photo of a bay scallop (Photo by Chris Paparo). Congratulations to the recent research grants awarded to SoMAS faculty! Dr. Bassem Allam and co-PI Dr. Emmanuelle Pales Espinosa have received an Award from NSF in support of the project "RAPID: A...

SoMAS Students Recognized with 2020 Undergraduate Awards

Congratulations to the SoMAS students that are 2020 Undergraduate Recognition Award Recipients. The full list is available as a PDF. Academic Excellence Students whose passion for learning has extended beyond the classroom (demonstrated, for example, by excellence in...

The 3rd Annual SoMAS Bake Off 2019

The 3rd Annual SoMAS Bake Off took place on Wednesday, October 23rd from 2-4 PM in Endeavour Hall Room 120. Baked treats were entered into this competition to be voted on by SoMAS faculty, staff, and students. Those that didn't have a floured thumb were there to...

Stony Brook Southampton Volunteers Clean Up Warner Island

Many thanks to Semester by the Sea Faculty Director Kurt Bretsch for organizing the Warner Island Beach Cleanup, as part of Stony Brook University's contribution to the Town of Southampton's Great East End Clean Up event. This year's group was a smaller yet...

SoMAS Celebrates CommUniversity Day

On Saturday, September 22, SoMAS joined many other departments at the University for the 2nd annual campus-wide open house event, CommUniversity Day! With the fantastic weather, SoMAS had a great opportunity to shine and showcase our programs. Our impact...

Highlights From Our Recent Graduates

This Friday, the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences will celebrate our graduating students at Convocation, where 101 undergraduate and 36 graduate students will have their degrees conferred.  Profiles for a few of our graduating students are highlighted below....

Celebrating 50 Years With The Risk Of Saying Nothing

Photo above:  At the keynote for our "Risk of Saying Nothing" environmental media conference, five Deans stand with proclamations from local government officials.  From left, Valerie Cartright, Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman, Dr. Malcolm Bowman, Dr. Minghua Zhang,...

SoMAS Celebrates Earthstock 2017

Earthstock, the Stony Brook University annual celebration of Earth Day, has been an annual tradition for years.  This year, in honor of our 50th Anniversary, SoMAS had a very significant presence at the event. On Monday April 17th, New York State Assemblyman Steve...

Emily Markowitz receives Undergraduate Recognition Award

SoMAS is proud to announce that Emily Markowitz has been awarded the 2016 Undergraduate Recognition William J. Sullivan Award, the most prestigious service award Stony Brook presents to a graduating senior for academic accomplishments that go beyond the classroom...

Emily Markowitz (BS, 2015)

In the Fall of 2015, Emily Markowitz was a senior graduating with a major Marine Sciences with minors in Coastal Environmental Science, Geospatial Science and Theatre.  She was accepted into the Accelerated BS/MS degree program with Dr. Janet Nye in her Fisheries...

Marine Science Club Connects SoMAS Student to Sea Journey

From Sarah McTague ’18 Joined a Club, Made a Journey by Glenn Jochum on SBU Happenings Joining one of the more than 400 student clubs or organizations at Stony Brook can lead to unexpected journeys. For Sarah McTague ’18, membership in the marine science club sent her...

Sustainability Studies Student chosen for TEDxSBU Women’s Event!

Emily Nocito will be entering her final year as an undergraduate at Stony Brook University. She is working towards her Bachelors of Science in Coastal Environmental Studies, with a minor in Ecosystems and Human Impact. She is active on her campus and is involved in...

Wolfie visits the Sustainability Studies Program

Taking a few minutes away from cheering on the athletic teams at SBU, the campus mascot, Wolfie came to visit Sustainability Studies and was part of a raising awareness campaign for campus sustainability practices, including the bike share program, and recycling shown...

Michael Colbert ’15 Is Doing Something About the Weather

From —By Glenn Jochum; photo by John Griffin Everyone talks about the weather, but Michael Colbert ’15 has more than a casual interest in that topic — he studies it at Stony Brook University. To...

Marine Science Club students meet with Pew Charitable Trusts

Pew Charitable Trusts invited the Stony Brook Marine Science Club to participate in a photo contest for one of their ocean conservation campaigns.  The goal of the campaign was to create a mosaic of photos of people holding a poster that said "Let's stop the waste of...

Okubofest 2013

Okubofest2013 (54 images) - Pictures by John Graham are available on Google Photos.  

Meteorology Club Launches New Webpage

The SoMAS Meteorology Club launched its new Student Forecast webpage on 11 April 2012 ( Assembled by Club Secretary Michael Colbert with assistance from the School's Computer Support Specialist, Mark Lang, the new site has been designed to give...

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