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The Stony Brook Meteorology Club provides an environment in which Atmospheric Science majors and other students interested in weather can come together as a community.  We take trips to weather conferences, TV broadcast stations, and the National Weather Service, which offer our club members exceptional opportunities for education, networking, future research, and internships. At the conferences, club members present their own research to build upon existing knowledge in the meteorological community. We also bring our knowledge to the Stony Brook community by providing student-made forecasts and useful weather facts to the public on social media.

The club meets once a week during the school year. If you are interested in joining us at a meeting, please let us know at  Additional information is also available on the SBUWeather Facebook page.



Clubs and Activities at SoMAS

The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences is home to a variety of other clubs, as well, including the Marine Science Club, the Environmental Studies Club and the SoMAS Graduate Student Club.

For more information, please visit the Clubs and Activities page.

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