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WEST (MAIN) CAMPUS HOUSING (students under 18 years of age, YOUTH)

High School Aged students (under 18) requiring housing live on Stony Brook West Campus, where a Youth Conference will have age-appropriate trained Housing staff.

  • West Campus is approximately 45 minutes from the Southampton campus. Shuttle transportation in each direction will be provided daily by the course Teaching Assistant.
  • Breakfast and dinner will be provided on West Campus and a box lunch each morning to take to the Southampton Campus.
  • Upon return to West campus each day, and on weekends, students have access to the facilities within their residence halls (fitness room, game room, etc…).

TO REGISTER FOR YOUTH HOUSING: (do not register for West Apartments)
1) Sign up at this site.
2) Visit this site with your parents.

* While housing forms are being updated, please email me (kurt.bretsch@stonybrook.edu) to be placed on the unofficial dorm list.

SOUTHAMPTON HOUSING (18 years of age or older, COLLEGE AGED)

If you are 18 or over, you can live in the Southampton dorms during the 2 weeks of the course.

  • It is recommended that you have your own vehicle since shuttle service off-campus will not be available.
  • Southampton dorms are suite style with a shared bathroom and kitchen.
  • Dining facilities are not available at the Southampton campus.  Students prepare meals in their kitchens.

 TO REGISTER FOR COLLEGE AGED HOUSING: First enroll in the course.  After you receive your Stony Brook ID #, email Al deVries (alan.devries@stonybrook.edu) with your name, ID #, and state that you’d like to dorm in Southampton for the summer Oceanography course between July 6 and July 20.

If you have questions regarding housing, contact CRCH@stonybrook.edu

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