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488 Undergraduate Internships

SoMAS Undergraduate Internships Printable Instructions

Internships can be a valuable way for students to gain experience in the outside world with a company, governmental organization, non-governmental organization (NGO), educational facility, etc, while still at school. Although the Director of Undergraduate Studies maintains a list of possibilities, often students discover opportunities on their own and bring them to the Director for consideration. It is important that students make the necessary arrangements and get academic approval before the internship occurs. Retroactive requests are usually not approved, except in unusual circumstances.

You are also reminded to check the undergraduate bulletin to ensure you meet the general academic requirements of the university before you undertake an internship. You can go to the Academic Advising office and request an SBC audit.  488 is available to students in SoMAS programs, or students from other programs interested in learning about environmental organizations.

Student Application Procedure
Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies and discuss your plans before the semester starts. In order to get credit for your internship you will need a faculty member associated with your SoMAS program to be your “instructor of record”. This is the person under whose section you will register and who will give you a grade at the end of the semester, but will not necessarily be the person with whom you are doing your internship if you are planning to work off-campus.

You should prepare a one-page prospectus, which must be approved by your instructor of record prior to the end of the add-drop period, in the following format:

  1. Title of Project
  2. Your name and contact information
  3. The organization you will be interning with
  4. What it is you expect to be doing?
  5. How and when will this be accomplished?
  6. Who will be your internship supervisor at this organization?
  7. Who will be your SoMAS faculty advisor (instructor of record) for the project if the person in item 6 is not a faculty member
  8. Has your faculty advisor been in contact with your internship supervisor?
  9. Do they both understand the academic requirements for you to get credit?
  10. How will your work be assessed? (normally you will keep a journal and write a 4 – 5 page, double-spaced report on your experience, what you learned and why you found it valuable).
  11. What is the date that your report is due?

All internships must have intellectual content in additional to the practical experience you will receive. Some students are fortunate to receive pay from the organization while undertaking an internship. Others do not.

Once the Undergraduate Director and/or your instructor of record approves your prospectus, the faculty member should contact the SoMAS education office and give you permission to register for the internship. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE THE END OF ADD/DROP. When you have permission, YOU MUST GO INTO SOLAR AND REGISTER FOR THE COURSE. You may register for credit (the number of credits to be negotiated between the student and the faculty advisor). Typically 45-60 hours is equal to one credit.

You should provide a progress report to your faculty advisor midway during the semester/summer. You should submit your report to your faculty advisor no later than the last day of finals for a given semester, or by the 25th of August for a summer internship.

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