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Poetry Challenge

Students are required to write and submit a poem concerning oceanography or coastal oceanography. This can include terrestrial and atmospheric processes that influence the coastal ocean. For example, nitrogen from sewage, combined sewer overflows, wind, addressing coastal services, etc. Poems created by the class, including the instructors, are featured below:

Professor Larry Swanson stands in front of a bluff that is being eroded by the forces of nature
Dr. Malcolm Bowman created a photo album from a field trip to Long Beach in Smithtown to observe the effects of the recent nor’easter on the coastline.
Larry Swanson - Treasures from the Sea

Poems from the 2020 Class


Dr. Larry Swanson
Ocean Acidification

So, some say

Ocean acidification
A troubling situation

Declining pH
In too much haste

Sea shells dissolving
Mitigation not evolving

To remediate
Need more carbonate

Reduce carbon dioxide

Raise pH to eight
The ocean’s natural state

Brendan McGrath

The Ocean’s Beauty
With Its Immense Waves And Swells
The Home Of Great Life

Max Gomez

Under the boardwalk, organisms roam
Here we can see marine processes unfold
From nutrient exchange to biotic interactions
Sunlight hitting water causing chemical reactions

Limiting nutrients can fill up the sea
But Too much will turn it as green as a pea
Diatoms will roam owning their photic zone
As the waves crash on shore making ocean foam

Benthic organisms will have a good feast
Enjoying dead organic matter as their good treat
This is the meal they will fill up the most
Soon you to be seen from coast to coast

Moving to animals closest to the top
Sea otters control territory, make it their spot
Eating sea urchins, they benefit kelp
The creatures below enjoy this good help!

Look around the water column and shout with good glee
Many processes occur beneath the deep ocean sea
From microbes to predators they all are vital
They all claim their spot, their very own title!

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Barbara Delaney

They scream, red with fiery indignance but I don’t flinch
I know its what children do.
They scream because they don’t know any other way to express their fear of the unknown.
They don’t know the ways of the world yet.
It’s my job to teach them what they need to know, even though I can’t talk to them.
If I could talk to them, I would say,
I am not your antithesis,
I am not the cool blue to your red hot,
I am not the destruction to your construction,
I am not maturity to youth.
Alas I have to teach them through actions.
Everything I steal brings them closer to seeing, its not safe to bring things they love into the water where it could fall in.
Every barrier I break brings them closer to seeing, it’s not safe to build their home where its so easy for the land to leave them.
Every storm I throw at them brings them closer to seeing, it’s not safe to live where the water can surge up and take them away.
But they still think the land is theirs, ownership rather than rental, that their presence alone is dominance rather than a temporary child prince on a gilded throne, that they control me not I them.
They think I am just the water, but really, I am also earth, wind and fire.
They think they are autonomous from me not that they are a part of me, more water than anything else.
They don’t realize that though I love them, I am not swayed by my love. I am a slave to balance and whatever the world needs to do to achieve that I must allow, even if they are harmed at my expense.
They think that they are reality and everything else is abstract. But that’s just how children think.
Some of them are finally reaching adolescence, finally able to stand on their own and see more then they could when they were younger.

But they aren’t the ones who yell, they are the ones who sit quietly with wide eyes and open ears.
They are the ones who will be leaders and will help the others learn to hear my voice someday.
Until then, I will continue to tell anyone who can hear me,
I am not your antithesis,
I am not the cool blue to your red hot,
I am not destruction to your construction,
I am not maturity to your youth.
When your older, the changing beaches and coastlines will not be an end but a whole new beginning
And then, I can finally rest knowing you and the world you are building, will be safe.

Christos Katechis

Unfortunately, all good things don’t stay
But one that has to is Jamaica Bay
What was once a beautiful display
Could very well now cry in dismay

Ourselves are the ones we should be blaming
For restrictions on recreation and swimming
With also the alterations in draining
And the ban of shellfish harvesting

If there’s one thing I know for sure
This won’t be solved by a cure
But if our actions now are pure
Jamaica Bay will endure

Samantha Chenet

And so, into your hands I leave the store
Carried to the beach
Then dropped onto the sandy shore
I let the blue waves carry me
Into turbulent and salty sea waters
Past pieces of old newspaper with headlines that read
“The Earth is Getting Hotter”
Bit by bit I erode
Pieces of me in fish and wrapped around sea turtles
Destroying habitats and humble abodes

But then I am saved Taken from the water
Collected by an environmental sage
Thrown onto a conveyor belt
Recycled for another use
Sins erased, no more damage dealt
I reformed, shiny and new
Shoved into a box, then put onto a shelf
Then I hear you open the door
And so, into your hands I leave the store

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Jessica Liu
Food Web

Walking down the beach to view the sunset.
What we don’t realize is what’s happening under the seabed.
The diversity of animals plays an important role in the food web.
One of their duty is to keep our marine world won’t go bad.

Daniela Denapoli

bined sewage
Systems filter out
wastewater and transport it
to a treatment plant. During heavy
rainwater or snow the wastewater can
exceed the capacity of the treatment plant,
resulting in the untreated water to overflow
into nearby bodies of water. This is known
As combined sewage overflows, which is
abbreviated as CSOs, which consist of
human waste, toxic material & rainwater
CSOs are a primary concern
for water pollution.

Michelle Ng
Little Sea Turtle

A little green sea turtle
Washed ashore
By the mighty tidal bore.
Plastic wrapped around its leg.
Helpless and cannot beg,
For it is merely almost dead.
The tides ebb and flow.
And sediments come and go.
The little turtle left all alone
With no way to go back home.
The sea infested by pollutants.
But we can make some improvements.
To clean the seas and make a way
For generations to stay.

John Thraen

Aquatic and Terrestrial differences
Life in the water
Gravity an afterthought
Dense with high pressure

Limited supply
A fight for similar goals
Take first or prevent

Temporary drift
Floating until they change form
Settling or swimming

Christopher Lautato
Jamaica Bay

Your beauty captivates me, my dear
from the Rockaways, to Pennsylvania Ave.
A pocket of paradise hidden from the concrete jungle
a little while longer, my dear.

The concrete jungle roots know no bounds,
nothing is safe from it’s grasp.
Airfields, landfills and pipelines sprout,
as the environment takes one final breath.

Hypoxia deals his final blow,
fish breach the surface,
their corpses masked by the sour aroma of sewage.
Humankind has lost their way.

With bated breath, I watch as the landscape is torn.
We’re better than this, there must be more like me.

We build pipelines to battle hypoxia,
and restore wetlands to their former glory.
No more over fishing and harvesting, we say.
We want to build not dredge.

I remember the bay when I was young,
and I know inside, that I want the same for my son.

Christopher Eagler
Clean Oceans

Waves crashing on the shore
Young man at the door
Looking out as water moves in
Carving out sand as people swim

Murky water filled with life
Jagged rocks as sharp as a knife
Different shorelines with great glory
Different features that tell a story

Open ocean blue for miles
Plastic garbage stacked in piles
Swirling around an endless gyre
This is our problem
For we are the supplier

Water of blue, brown, and green
We continue to pollute with machines
Machines that create plastic and waste
Plastic, which is an acquired taste

But it is not too late
For we can choose our water’s fate
Protecting the ocean is tough task
But with help efforts piling like snow In 2200 kids will ask
“Where did all the ocean garbage go?”

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Brooke Geffken

See the levels rise
Countless animals will die
Stop emissions now

Justin Holman

Here i lay on the soft, pale, yellow sand
with my feet at the edge of the water,
and my head tilted toward the evening sky.
my mind has so many places to be
but i only want to be here.
My body wants to stay on this ever-moving coast
but with that fact i cannot.
the ocean continues to rise as myself and time continue to grow.

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Jessica Berino
My Ocean, My Home

When I dream of somewhere beyond the sea
I hope you’ll always be waiting for me

If your beaches for specimens, I wish to explore
Your waves will be washing them up on the shore

Or sailing deep into your very heart
Will still feel as thrilling as it did at the start

Bless your hidden mountains, your silent caves
Your calming ripples, your furious waves

The creatures that lurk in the depths and above
Know that you’ll always be my one true love

My magnificent ocean, so wild and vast
I pray that forevermore you will last

And when I dream of somewhere beyond the sea
You’ll always be there waiting for me

Jessica Liew
The Ocean

At first glance,
The ocean seems dark at a wide expanse.
Under the stars
Is where life all starts.
It offers so many purposes
That we all use on the surface.
The ocean has a big reputation
It protects, it offers education
To the horizon and the ocean floor
From the sand and shore.
There are many processes underwater,
Especially at the equator.
As earth’s largest protector,
We cannot help but study the survivor.
Holding on even through all the pollution,
But at this rate we will start its execution.


The study of the ocean and its process,
Is an important field full of progress.
From terrestrial and atmospheric systems,
To smaller and bigger ecosystems,
The ocean is full of secrets.
With oceanography, there are agreements.
Using the knowledge,
That we got in college
To spread awareness
About the ocean’s fairness

Claes Rozenfeld
Landing Ashore

As the days pass,
I begin to lose faith.
On the seafloor I started
hoping, praying to see the Sun.
Just once, I longed to feel the rays reflect off of my surface.

Suddenly, it gets brighter
My excitement builds.
Higher and higher I climb
I can see the creatures swimming around me, but I ignore them.
With the recession of the tide, I see what I have been longing for.
And just as quickly as I land ashore, I am taken away.
Who knows how long it will be until I can see it again?
Even so, I hold out, longing for just one more glimpse

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Michelle Ly

There was a great rain
Coney Island watershed
has been overflowed
-Based on a true story

Brett Mulitz
The Tides of March

Fire Island tides
Winter water, ebb and flow
Summer will soon arrive

Amanda Ramaglia
A walk on the beach

I was walking on the beach one Sunday morning
Appalled at what was in motion
The beautiful blue water had turned green
Waves full of trash coming from the ocean
It was then that I realized the world needed a warning

Give up plastic goods so some damage can be reversed
Reduce marine pollution, although destruction seems inevitable
But think of the ocean life, the act would be so charitable
The well-being of marine life should be reinforced

The oceans are slowly dying
Biodegradable could work but it takes awhile
So instead lets recycle our waste-it’ll be worthwhile
Maybe then the conditions won’t be so terrifying

Pesticides and sewage straight to the water streams
Microplastics start to end up on our beaches
Let’s talk to the world about pollution
Make “Reduce, reuse and recycle” the universal resolution

I became so somber, so filled with dismay
This was not the way I wanted to start my day
As I stared into the trash filled ocean from my spot on the sand
I yelled, “Hey world, stop polluting our delicate land!”

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Dr. Bradley Peterson
Wanderer on the Shore

Hello there wanderer on the shore;
I’ve seen you pass so many times before.
As my waves broke beside you strong or weak;
I’ve seen you stand alone and think.
Through all the years we’ve been close friends;
as you wander here and there again.
When you were young and spry;
in uniform you cruised on by;
in a ship with your head held high.
And then with a girl you splashed and twirled;
in the sand and sun what joy what fun
Later with little boys we played;
the buildings in sand the three of you made.
I’d watch and slowly creep the shore;
your castles so wonderful no more.
Oh how my waves did crash and roll your ship when you were in control;
Command at sea such a fickle thing!
And now you teach the things you’ve seen, on deck, on shore, upon my floor.
Oh through the years what times we’ve had;
some anxious, some scary some happy, some sad.
You’ve sat beside me and cruised on top; you’ve swum within me.
We’ve shared a lot.
And now you wander with furry friend to stand beside me once again;
to look, to think, to see once more, my wanderer upon the shore.

Elena Sudano

To be a copepod

If I was a zooplankton I’d like to be a copepod.
It’s beneficial to be ubiquitous,
To float in the Pacific Ocean
And not rely on locomotion,
Yet to be super important.
To form the largest biomass
Supporting most of the trophic cascade.
So, what if I have little class
And graze on phytoplankton like cows of the sea
I have a lot to do and places to see.


Beauty lies in ocean’s strength,
In the way waves break at the shore
Spilling, plunging, surging…
In the way strong winds increase celerity furthermore
… Urging
Humanity to think in depth
About the planet we leave future generations.
So, they can recognize the beauty in vulnerability,
When even giant Blue whales
Depend on primary productivity.
But what will we do if the trophic cascade fails?

Anne Littleton
The Man by the Sea

Many and many years ago
I went to a place that I well know
A beautiful spot down by the sea
Where winds blow and minds run free
But down the sea of soft white sand
Stood a most unfamiliar man
“I know it all,” the proud man boasts
“About altering and forming coasts”

“Let’s break it down so it’s not so scary
First, there’s primary and secondary
Primary coasts are altered by tectonic motions
And practically all processes that don’t involve the ocean
Secondary coasts, in their old age
Are affected most by tides and waves

Erosional coasts with their cliffs so steep
Come from waves hitting hard and cutting deep
The jagged edges tend to straighten with time
With plenty of spots for seabirds to chime
Depositional coasts with their beautiful beaches
Form from loose sediment with distant reaches
Material moves via longshore drift
Causing sediment to promptly shift”

I stopped the man there in the midst of his fun
I could no longer wait for him to be done
“I hate to inform you, this is not news to me
See, back in New York I took MAR 333
Where we learned all about coastal regions and oceans
Taught by experts with years of devotion”

He grinned at me then turned his face
In search of others to hear his case
At last I settled into the sand
And began to dream of distant lands

Shannon Letscher

The reefs are bleaching due to poor care
The organisms are screaming, it’s not fair!
It’s time to stop and think
As we are on the brink
Of destroying our ocean for our heirs.

Sarah Kelly

Love Letters to Poseidon

I sent a message in a bottle out to sea today, and waited by the shore
Hoping that the reply would come sooner than before
The ocean doesn’t write me as often anymore
I think Poseidon’s hand has gotten ink stains galore.

What is one to do when they hit a rogue wave?
Simply surrender to the current, and float away
Or cling on to the driftwood the memory of a Knave
And so I send out bottles faster than Hemingway.

Then there is the ocean that makes you feel complete again!
Its beauty can be entrancing, blue depths of mystery that make you want to dive in;
Reefs of a million colors, the calm sound of birds in a fen
The water readily will show you back your own reflection.

Maybe the reply to my bottles was there all along
It was hidden in the oceans’ song.

Jinxi Liu

The calm sea, the wind suddenly blowing it.
Blowing in the southern or northern hemisphere,
It turned out that a force was blowing across the sea.
The wave motion brings the boat, the fish floating.
Undulating seabed, the submarine volcano suddenly erupting.
Earthquake spreads in northern and southern hemispheres,
This force turned into a tsunami across the landscape.
The wave motion brings the house, the tree floating.

Samantha Aplin

The ocean is as blue as the sky
Yet as dark as the night
The big waves roll on by
Only to diminish out of sight
In the distance you see dolphins jump around

You ponder about exploring the sea and getting wet
You decide to dive in and look down
And see a sea turtle stuck in a fishing net
You cut him free
But unfortunately, he’s not the only one suffocating in pollution
It is beyond what the eye can see
And we are all going to die if we do not create a solution

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Nicholas Ring
Sound of thousands of things happening at once

The sound of a simple wave
It rolls infinitely though the world’s oceans.
Up to the crest
Down to the troff
Then simply back again
Over and over
Over and over
I could call it simple
But that would be a lie
Because just like the ocean itself
You don’t have to look that deep to find something
As a wave can be just like us
When they work together
They make powerful forces of nature
But when they work against each other,
They both die out.
Every wave is like a city
Thousands of living things floating throughout it
On the surface,
But once again if you look deeper
You find an ecosystem from another planet
So sound of a “simple” wave
Is the sound of thousands of things happening at once.

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Ava DeMayo
A Clams View of Pollution

Why do you keep doing this?
Gazing from below the water surface, a small clam.
The water continues to change, sunlight stops reaching the clam.

Why do you poison us?
A steady stream of chemicals falls, neverending.
Mixing, churning, changing the water forever.

Why do you dump here?
As the small clam gazes around him,
He realizes that the objects around him are not clams.

Why do I feel funny?
The more water I filter, the more hungry I feel.
I am filling up but instead of food, I am full of pollutants.

If only.
I could grow up to be a big clam, pass on my genes, and
Live in a world of clean water.

Maybe if.
People took more care in the world we share.

Maybe one day.
Clams and all other sea creatures can live full lives.

Kenny Lin
Beach Haiku

He asked, what’s a beach?
A zone of loose particles,
Is what I replied.

Erosion Poem

The warm ocean breeze bring
Warm surface water to the coastline.
Kids joyfully swing
Their buckets under the sunshine.

Mixing sand with water,
The kids start to assemble
Their sandy structure.
Soon the castle starts to crumble.

Crash crash –
The waves hit the land.
The sea laughs as
All that’s left is a pile of sand.

This is a small example of erosion
Of what happens to our beach.
A wide scale erosion calls for a proposition
Of building sea walls to stop their breach.

Yanni Ma
Tides and Lives

Earth and moon, the 81 times of mass,
Attract the ocean, create the tides.

Different kinds of tides at different times,
New moon, quarter moon, and full moon,
All in a warm peace spring mood.

However, like lives, the ocean has its temper,
Always mixed together with peace and chaos,
All the livings fear this anger,
All the prays heard by God.
But each thing has its season, the anger will end.

Erline Martinez

I miss the Sun at the horizon,
Staining the sky a brilliant orange color,
Waves sparkling like a dancer as it inches towards the shore,
The sound of children laughing,
Playing and building sandcastles in the sand.

I miss the sand,
Scorching and hot as it burns the soles of my feet,
Each step leaving behind footprints,
A short-lived imprint,
That will soon be stolen by the waves.

I miss the waves,
Crashing and groaning in an assault against the land,
Dictated by the choreography of the breeze,
Allowing the salt spray to linger in the air,
To be carried by the wind.

I miss the wind,
Pushing from sea to land during the day,
And from land to sea during the night,
In an endless battle of will,
That inspires the leaves of a palm tree into a gentle dance.

I miss hiding under the palm trees,
Drinking the sweet coconut water sold at a nearby stand,
The smell of saltwater mixing with the unique smell of coconut,
Creating a tropical perfume that begs to be bottled,
To wear when I want to be reminded of home.

I miss my home, Glittering under the sunlight,
Scorching like the endless summer that its famous for,
As I come and go like a tidal wave,
A soothing breeze incoming as time seemingly stands still,
Trees swaying lazily remaining unaltered like a memory.

Alexandra Kotowski

Coastal Oceanography, something beyond my years.
Majoring in history, this class brought me to tears!

We learned about the sea, and all its’ ups and downs,
How humans and their ways have turned seawater brown.

Continental drift was the talk of 1912.
Wegener’s evidence, you ask? Check the coastlines out themselves!

Passive margins are nonviolent, sediment is rich.
Active ones, however, are kind of a different sitch.

Coriolis can confuse me, and toilet bowls do too.
Did you know that opposite flush thing might not be true?

Steep waves in the winter will tear beaches down,
While gentle waves in summer will attract the whole town.

A road wave could be dangerous, you better watch out
It’s much stronger than other waves, and that’s without a doubt.

The shore is amazing, a place of pure bliss.
Turns out, it’s actually where the water and the land kiss!

Particles dance along the beach soft and swift,
Who knew it was all just longshore drift?

A tide is the vertical change in water height,
Oh so perfect for a wave to take flight!

This class was no joke, but I learned so much
Sediments, coastlines, Jamaica bay and such!

Thank you Larry Swanson and Bradley Peterson too
For an odd yet fun semester at SBU!

Eliana Panooulos

Oh how sweet the ocean blue
The waves crash upon the shore
beneath the surface a world unknown

Oh the ocean blue
Rain water hitting the ground
Overfilled the drain

Oh the ocean blue
Combined sewage overflow
Is damaging you :{

Oh the ocean blue
Wishing they would care for you
Maybe one day soon.

Heather Winne
Primary Treatment – A Haiku

Screening and skimming,
Removes the material,
Cleaning the water.

The stone boulders laid at the base of private property are enormous and extremely expensive.

Yihan Wang
Embrace the Sea

The moon hangs high in the dark-blue sky,
Just like the lantern raised high,
Pours down onto seaside rocks lunar light,
and glitters the sea and lightens the mist,
Weaves of seawater rhythmically flaps sand grain
and washes the footprints over and over again
Little grits smash into my toes
And lets me feel the cool
What if I have the wings of gull
that flies me through the night and heads across the cliff?
What if I have two fins of tuna
that dips into the water and swims over the coral reef?
Then, I can see the sea in its entirety
And drift with the current
Then, I can go deep into its heart And feel the beat of its heart

Manny Corona
The Crawling Earth

Creeping, crawling, hesitating the pace,
Subduction to destruction, the end of the plates
A tremble of the deeps, the floor our new fear,
A reminder of an active lithosphere
As the earth quakes, eons of basalt go under,
At an active margin you’ll hear sounds like thunder
Wilson told it well, as a beast grew to it’s throne,
A mountain from below, made of rising molten stone
A whole continent away, there’s a child at birth,
New rift to new valley, new ocean bottom earth
A library of history seen cleanly from the sample,
Divergence brings new islands emerging from the mantle
On the beautiful land we should celebrate isostasy,
For the creation of life, the islands of Hawaii,
The balance is delicate, the earth could quake at any fault
Let’s take care of our Earth, let it not be our fault

Clare Dana
Dawn of Today and Tomorrow

You slip your toes into chilly sand
Finding a rhythm of the shore at hand.
You can feel the life which water pours
Deeming your existence could be no more important
Compared to life and systems flowing below
This bountiful, beautiful ocean we’ve yet to fully know.
Crepuscular creatures pursue a morning bite
Under the orbital motion of spritzing waves in sight.
It seems you are only a visitor here
As you capture this moment, Holding it dear.
You are no visitor.
You are one with it all
Through winter, spring, summer, and fall.
This scene will change through that time
And too, may this feeling, which feels sublime.
Despite what changes come this way
You remain one with this system each, and every day
With impending decisions that may appear small
Choose what is right
So this feeling
Will be cherished by all.

David Lavigne

John Martin, the sage to bring about the ice age.
With a hypothesis sound,
For a purpose was found,
The insoluble valuable to be spread ’round.

Of course!
To fell the crisis,
We need a new source.

Into the Blue goes CO2,
Phytoplankton the diligent crew.
Could it be?
DOC down into the sea?

The riveting, limiting, wonderful element, Its
purpose to soon be self-evident.
With our wrongdoings to mend, Iron
may bring about its end.

Bonus Points?
by Richard Berkhort

Coastal Oceanography 333, I saw it in the course catalog, thought it was for me
It sounded pretty easy, I’d learn about beaches
Little did I know, I’d have to remember what a seiche is.
What started as a DEC, now most likely will have my G.P.A. a wreck
We started with Jamaica Bay, don’t eat the shellfish it’s toxic
The CSO’s and contaminants have made that drainage basin hypoxic.
Pycnocline, halocline, thermocline, when asked the different, I can’t define.
When do waves travel by group velocity?
Those equations turned my notes into an atrocity.
There was a question, something about Pisaster,
Exam 1 became a complete disaster.
For exam number two I swore to study harder
I even remembered that planktotrophic larvae can travel farther
The LIS is a unique estuary,
Check it out, you can see it on the Cross Sound Ferry.
A thalweg, what’s that? I bet he made that up.
But I wonder if Coriolis even effects (sic) the beer in my cup.
For all those homeworks I got wrong, I wish I had a nickel,
Christine, 10 extra points and I’ll eat the poor man’s pickle.
Oh no! Exam 2 has a question about the breach
But please don’t close it, there’s evidence, Charles Flagg will preach.
Primary, secondary, tertiary sewer treatment is important.
OK, I got it But the formula for sinking rate, damn it, forgot it.
Summer and winter we have two different beaches.
And salt marshes are nurseries for so many creatures
Temperature, salinity, and seawater rise is most important I won’t forget.
Just give me five extra points, I’ll be forever in your debt.
All of these species on the rocky intertidal,
Please don’t tell me they’re gonna be on the final!
Drs. Swanson and Peterson, you both were good teachers,
I now know mangroves and coccolithofores are tropical features.
Still I won’t lie, I wrote this to make my grade better
Otherwise, I would’ve spent time studying about the Keystone predator.


The sea churns
Into kaleidoscope waves,
Shedding colorful glittering light
Onto the living ocean floor

Waves and tides breathe
Just as heavy
As the swaying kelp
And dancing life below

The pebbles decorate the sand
Like jewelry
Swollen gemstones providing
Shelter and hiding places to those in need.

Beyond the shelf lies
A world we will never understand,
Trenches as deep as the mountains are high,
Basins beyond our wildest blooming dreams.

Luminescent in the day and the night
A symphony performs their survival
Amongst the falling and rising tides,
Beneath the lapping tongues of the sea.

And we, you and I,
Our toes being kissed at the shore,
Rest our heads amongst the crabs and turtles
At the edge, and the beginning.

-Jessica Semp


2019 Student Poems

A Lost, Forgotten World
Margot A. Eckstein, Marine Science
I sit and stare
knowing full well that the power that which surrounds me.
how could anyone hurt You?
the Waves come in and surround my body
the feeling of home engulfs me, however with a touch of sadness
how could anyone hurt You?
a Bottle passes by, followed by a Bag then a Corpse.
I stare at it, incapable of moving
the Waves keep coming
how could anyone hurt You?
the Water becomes darker and darker
more and more Bottles and Bags surround me
I can't move
the Waves keep coming
more Corpse
how can anyone hurt You?
finally, I choke.
a Bag falls out of my mouth
no one can save me, nobody wants to
the Waves of Bottles, Bags and Corpses engulf me.

Lauren Hassouneh
Beaches beseech me
The shoreline implores me
Waves rhythmically crest and fall
On the warm sand where I adore it all
The friendly crescendo of the waves that I crave
Sea foam green tide, and gulls above
The balmy breeze and the calm Nirvana
Beckon me to the oceans that I love
From the Mariana Trench to the bluest Red Sea,
The arcane oceans mesmerize me.

Brad McGuire
In autumn the winds start to blow
And facilitate mixing below
There soon you will find
That the thermocline
Be gone til the melt of the snow

Jessica Salmon, Marine Vertebrate Biology
Coral is red
The ocean is blue
Bleaching isn’t coral’s friend
And humans aren’t too.

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