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MAR 388 – Tropical Marine Ecology

MAR 388 / MAR 537 Tropical Marine Ecology is taught by Dr. Joe Warren and Dr. Brad Peterson and takes students to the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory in Jamaica to study the ecology and conservation of a Caribbean reef ecosystem. MAR 388 is offered during the Winter Semester.  This course fulfills the upper level Biology lab requirement and can be used to fulfill the writing requirement, as well.

Latest Blog Posts
  • 16 Jan 2019 – Night Snorkel
    Tonight, a couple of us went night snorkeling. The mangroves and the crest can barely be made out from the edge of the dock. Looking down with my flashlight, I can see the diadema crawling along the side of the Continue reading
  • 16 Jan 2019 – It All Comes Down to This
    As the last few days come and go, we are all preparing for the end of this trip and of this class. These past two days we have mostly been working on some group project Dr. Warren and Dr. Peterson Continue reading
  • 15 Jan 2019 – Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts
    Today is the culmination of everyone’s stress and fatigue; some of us are suffering from mental breakdowns, bone injuries, accidental soiled wetsuits, and even bloody noses, however, we all continue to laugh and dance it all off with a smile. Continue reading
  • 15 Jan 2019 – Walking in a Water Wonderland
    Today was filled with adventure despite the stress of schoolwork. We had gone on a dive at Dairy Bull reef earlier in the morning and saw a sea turtle. Back on dry land we began to feel the heat of Continue reading
  • 15 Jan 2019 – It’s a great day to dive!
    Yesterday on the 15th I was trying to take it easy in the water and hit the books to work on studying and some assignments we have in our last few days in Discovery Bay. That didn’t last long…. Hesitant Continue reading
  • 15 Jan 2019 – Jamaican Me Crazy!
    There’s about four more days left of this journey and tensions are a bit high. We are all a little bit irritable because of all the assignments due and upcoming examinations. There’s been a higher frequency of arguments between the Continue reading
  • 15 Jan 2019 – Jamming in Jamaica!
    Hi everyone! The past couple of days have been so busy! Today we went to the east coast of discovery bay on a snorkel trip around 7am and we got to see a lot of hydrocorals and fish. It’s an Continue reading
  • 14 Jan 2019 – Sea-Sick Crocodile
    Swimming, diving, and snorkeling requires much more energy than we commonly think. For most days of the past week, a majority of us have gotten up at around 6:00 AM to explore our underwater world. This meant exerting large amounts Continue reading
  • 14 Jan 2019 – And the Research Begins!
    So today we began to help in continuation of research done here in Discovery Bay regarding the state of the reef. During the 1990s, a team of scientists, Richardson B. Aronson and William F. Pretcht, began conducting transect-like recordings to Continue reading
  • 14 Jan 2019 – Day 9 – What Kind of Adventure is This?
    The best I could ever ask for, that’s what! This trip has been going along wonderfully. Once I figured out the problem with my mask was simply not enough de-fogger in my mask, I could snorkel and dive much more Continue reading
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