MAR 388 / MAR 537 Tropical Marine Ecology is taught by Dr. Joe Warren and Dr. Brad Peterson and takes students to the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory in Jamaica to study the ecology and conservation of a Caribbean reef ecosystem. MAR 388 is offered during the Winter Semester.  This course fulfills the upper level Biology lab requirement and can be used to fulfill the writing requirement, as well.

Latest Blog Posts
  • Wrapping things up for 2020.
    Sadly we’ve left the warmth and humidity of Discovery Bay and are now back in NY (with snow awaiting us). On behalf of Drs. Peterson and Stubler, we’d like to thank this year’s course for a great class (despite all … Continue reading →
  • 16 Jan – Until next time Jamaica
    The past few days have been spent working on our research projects and limited time in the water, since mother nature has not been too good to us. Yesterday, we got to take a small break from our school work … Continue reading →
  • 16 Jan – Sad To Go
    We finally finished taking all our exams just as the weather started to get bad. It rained practically every day. Joe even said we were in the running for the worst weather. [Ed: I can confirm this — the 2020 … Continue reading →
  • 16 Jan – News Bulletin
    Discussion about the status of felines in Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory ongoing; cats unconcerned. MONTEGO BAY- Controversy over the continued presence of cats in the Discovery Bay Marine Lab has reached new tensions as polarizing opinions echo throughout the campus. … Continue reading →
  • 15 Jan – Diving and Data Analysis
    On Monday, we went to a dive site called the Dairy Bull. It was given this name because, every time a large wave rushes in, the water goes through a hole and makes a noise that sounds like a bull. … Continue reading →
  • 15 Jan – Dunn’s River Falls Part 2
    The last time I came to Jamaica, the weather was slightly different, with the high of a crisp 94 degree and 90% humidity blessing the island. Naturally much like any other human being I easily became drenched in sweat, but … Continue reading →
  • 14 Jan – Rough Water Dive 
    Today we started the morning early and went diving at Dairy Bull around 7am. The water was quite rough; the waves were strong and getting our gear on in the water under these conditions was difficult to say the least. … Continue reading →
  • 14 Jan – The Falls
    So during our time in Jamaica we have done plenty of activities to keep us busy like snorkeling, diving and study marine biology. But one day we needed a break from it so we went to Dunns river falls and … Continue reading →
  • 13 Jan – Vomiting in a Regulator on a Daily Basis
    It’s been nine days and perhaps a lifetime (if one could define a life by the period of time that occurs between an individual’s birth and death) and I can safely say that I’ve never learned so much about the … Continue reading →
  • 13 Jan – Fun Dives vs. Working Dives
    So, in my time here, I have quickly realized the difference between fun dives and working dives. Fun dives include: looking at the amazing array of tropical corals, fishes, corals, and sponges that scatter the ocean floor, and peeking in … Continue reading →
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