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The Environmental Studies minor is offered to all students interested in adding an Environmental focus to their studies. Students in the natural or social sciences learn about both scientific and social issues important to solving environmental problems. Completion of the minor requires 18 credits including 3 credits of research or internship. In addition, students doing a minor in Environmental Studies are given a preference if they choose to live in the Environmental Living Learning Center (ELLC), which is housed in Hendrix College. The ELLC, also, provides enhanced exposure to environmental issues by running extra-curricular activities related to the environment, e.g., invited talks, field trips, shows, and supporting the Stony Brook Environmental Club.

* For the most up to date and official degree description see the undergraduate bulletin.


Declaration of the Minor

Students should declare the Environmental Studies minor no later than the middle of their junior year, at which time they should consult with the minor coordinator or undergraduate director and plan their course of study for fulfillment of the requirements.

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