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Minor in Geospatial Science

Geospatial Sciences is used in a wide range of disciplines as a research tool, a decision-making tool, data analysis tool, and/or as a planning tool. One of the major components used in these analyses is Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software.

The Minor in Geospatial Sciences is a flexible undergraduate minor that allows students drawn from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to acquire the necessary training in geospatial analysis to complement their area of study.

Students will receive training in the use of Geographical Information System software and may choose from several electives to broaden their experience in geospatial sciences.

Requirements for the Minor in Geospatial Sciences

Please click here for a full listing of the requirements for the Geospatial Science Minor
No more than two courses that are used to satisfy your major can be applied to this minor. 

No more than one three-credit course in the minor may be taken under the Pass/No Credit option.

All courses used toward the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

For more information on GSS, please visit: Geospatial Sciences at Stony Brook

Sung-Gheel (Gil) Jang

Sung-Gheel (Gil) Jang

Assistant Professor / Faculty Director, Geospatial Center

Geospatial Sciences and geographic information systems

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