Upper-Division Writing Requirement

The advanced writing component of the major in ​MAR/MVB requires registration in the 0-credit ​MAR 459  and approval of either a term paper or a laboratory report written for an advanced course in ​the appropriate major  at Stony Brook (including Readings and Research courses).

The following courses are preapproved to meet this requirement:

Students who wish to use material from a participating course should obtain the necessary form and present it to the course director prior to submission of the material. The course director will grade the material and assign a grade for the appropriate section of MAR 459.

Completion of MAR 459 (or BIO 459) with a grade of S will result in approval of the WRTD requirement.

Students should consult with the department advisor to ensure that their plan for completing the Upper Division Writing Requirement is consistent with university graduation requirements for General Education. Students completing the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) must complete a course that satisfies the “Write Effectively within One’s Discipline” (WRTD) learning objective to graduate. The Upper Division Writing Requirement is consistent in most cases with the SBC learning outcomes for WRTD.

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