Jerry R. Schubel Graduate Fellowship Endowment

As a lasting tribute to the countless contributions that Jerry R. Schubel has made to SoMAS, Stony Brook University, the Long Island region, and to the discipline of marine science; and to further his philosophy of using marine science research to solve practical problems and inform public policy, we have endowed The Jerry R. Schubel Graduate Fellowship. This competitive, annual full-time fellowship will provide an annual stipend supplement for SoMAS graduate students committed to translating science into forms that are accessible to the public and/or inform public policy. The program supports a maximum of six fellows at any one time. Approximately two new fellows are named each year.

We have successfully established a $500,000 endowment fund, $250K from the Simons Foundation and $250K from other generous friends of SoMAS, which will generate approximately $25,000 a year to be available for fellowships. Additional contributions are welcome and will be appreciated.


Since its creation in 1965 by the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York (SUNY), the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) of Stony Brook University has grown dramatically to become one of the world’s leading academic institutions in the marine and atmospheric sciences. From a small nucleus of founding faculty, the SoMAS of today consists of about 45 faculty, 40 staff, 125 graduate students and 100 undergraduates with an annual budget of $12 million of which about 30% comes from SUNY.

Much of the growth of SoMAS occurred during the 20 years that Jerry R. Schubel served as Dean and Director of MSRC. But Jerry Schubel’s leadership accomplished far more than just an increase in size and prestige. Jerry believed very strongly in an MSRC that was dedicated to “Making Scientific Research Count”. His vision for MSRC was a world-class research institution that dedicated itself not only to scholarly excellence but also to applying research to real world problems as they relate to the coastal zone and the oceans. That philosophy endures today and is embodied within our formal mission statement: “The mission of MSRC is to increase fundamental understanding of the oceans and atmosphere and their interactions, and to apply this understanding to the resolution of societal problems as they relate to the environment on local, regional, national, and global scales”.

Jerry Schubel eventually went on to become Provost of Stony Brook University, CEO of the New England Aquarium, and now serves as CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific where he continues his quest to translate scientific knowledge into usable information that promotes public understanding and informs public policy.


Ways to Give

Gifts may be made by check, money order or credit card. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences/SBF. The Center also accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.  To donate on-line please click here.  When you are donating to the Schubel Fund please specify on the donation form by referencing this account number #363820.




  • The Simons Foundation


  • Stanley Becker
  • Michael Zeitlin


  • Danny (Xiaodan) Lu
  • Elisabeth and Philip Palmedo
  • Moon Jin Park
  • Wayne Penello
  • Jerry Schubel
  • Margaret Schubel
  • The Kissinger Family Foundation
  • The Ross Foundation
  • The Ward Melville Heritage Organization


  • Evelyn Berezin
  • Barry Coller
  • Margaret and David Conover
  • Lawrence Slobodkin
  • Ajit Subramaniam


  • Josephine and Robert Aller
  • Diane Bellantoni and Hans Dam
  • Mary Bernero
  • Harold Berger
  • Karen Chytalo
  • Kirk Cochran
  • Joanne Cosgrove
  • Friends of Tom DiNapoli
  • Cathy Drew
  • Dianne Greenfield
  • Gail Habicht
  • Douglas Hill
  • Peter Kahn
  • Bernice Malione and Mark Tedesco
  • Jack Mattice
  • Richard McBride
  • John Mullane
  • Shino Tanikawa Oglesby
  • George Proios
  • Sheldon Reaven
  • Gregg Rivara
  • Rosemary Scanlon
  • Cornelia Schlenk and Jay Tanski
  • Jeri Schoof
  • Mary Scranton and Roger Flood
  • Bonnie Stephens
  • Ming Yi Sun
  • Lawrence Swanson
  • Dong-Ping Wang
  • Thomas Wilson
  • Minghua Zhang

Jerry R. Schubel Fellowship

Committed to translating research into information that enriches public understanding of marine and atmospheric science. In recognition of Their Outstanding Academic Record and in Support of Their Planned Activities in Public Outreach and/or Use of Science to Inform Public Policy.

2006 Lynn Abramson & Christine O'Connell
2007 Tara Duffy & Marianne McNamara
2008 Owen Doherty & Charles Wall
2009 Santiago Salinas
2014 Sarah Bailey, Konstantine Rountos, Natasha Gownaris, & Mark Bond
2015 Christine Gurdon & Ryan Wallace
2016 Claudia Hinrichs, Rebecca Kulp, & Sam Urmy
2017 Sam Gurr & Stephanie K. Adamczak
2018 John Bohorquez, Justin Bopp, Leah Reidenbach, Caroline Schwaner, & Stephen Tomasetti
2019 Lisa Crawford, Irvin Huang, Alyson Lowell, Teresa Schwemmer, Oliver Shipley, & Alyssa Stansfield
2020 Noah Strycker, Adelle Molina, Christopher Brianik, Kimberly Lato & Xiaoning Wu

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