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Students in the MCP Program must complete a total of 30 graduate credits, including the indicated number of courses in each of Marine Sciences, Conservation, Communications, Policy/ Law/ Economics, Quantitative Assessment and Field Studies. In addition, students must complete six credits of either Capstone Project or Internship, depending on their area of interest.

The following course listings reflect what is currently being offered and may change by semester.

For a full list of current course offerings and descriptions, please click here.

A. Marine Sciences – 2 courses

One course in basic biological field plus any other MAR course. Suggestions for biology courses include:

B. Conservation – 2 courses

  • MAR 507: Marine Conservation Biology (required)

And any one of:

C. Communications – 2 courses

And either:

  • JRN 500: Introduction to News Media Concepts and Institutions (3 credits)


  • Any 3 of the following: JRN 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 508, 509: Communicating Science (1 credit each)
D. Policy/law/economics/management – 1 course

 E. Quantitative Assessment – 1 course

G. Project or Internship – 6 credits

  • MAR 589: Capstone Project in Marine Conservation and Policy


  • MAR 592: Internship in Marine Conservation and Policy

For more information on the Capstone Project or Internship, please click here.

Total Credits > 30

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