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bowlEnvironmental decision-makers need the best scientific information and expertise available. SoMAS works closely with coastal businesses, elected officials at all levels of government, environmental groups, natural resource managers, and planners. SoMAS conducts many public outreach programs, often in collaboration with schools and community organizations. Educating the public about local marine environments is an important part of SoMAS’ mission.

Educational Outreach

  • Bay Scallop Bowl
    • The Bay Scallop Bowl is a regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) held annually in New York. The bowl is hosted by the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences(SoMAS) at Stony Brook University and takes place on the Stony Brook University campus on a Saturday in February or early March. The competition features teams of high school students competing for cash prizes and a chance to represent New York in the NOSB final competition.
  • Vessel and Boat Charters – Educational Field Trips

Advisory Activities

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