Surfclam/Ocean Quahog Management Advisory Board

OQ SCIn 1994, the New York State Legislature enacted a law to improve the management of surf clams (Spisula solidissima) and ocean quahogs (Arctica islandica) found within the marine waters of New York State. The law established specific limits on harvests of these commercially valuable bivalve shellfish, authorized the State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to develop a long-term and comprehensive management plan for these species, and established the Surfclam/Ocean Quahog Management Advisory Board to provide guidance and advice to the DEC as it developed the management plan and implementing regulations.

The Board is composed of nine (9) voting members: 3 appointed directly by the Commissioner of DEC; 3 appointed by the Commissioner on the nomination of the president pro tem of the New York State Senate and 3 appointed by the Commissioner on the nomination of the Speaker of the New York State Assembly. The Director of the Marine Sciences Research Center (now, the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences) of Stony Brook University, or his/her designee, is the non-voting Chairman of the Board. All appointed Board members, “…shall either have knowledge of the surfclam/ocean quahog industry, have demonstrated a long-standing interest, knowledge and experience in commercial harvesting and/or processing of surfclam/ocean quahog, or shall be involved in scientific research into this fishery.” Board members must reside in the New York State county adjacent to New York’s Marine District and no Board member appointed by the Commissioner may be an officer or employee of the New York State department or agency.



  1. Appoint members
  2. Make documents and Department personnel available to the Board, as well as providing such aid necessary to allow the Board to carry out its duties and responsibilities
  3. Provide information requested by the Board
  4. Provide staff services, including recording of Board proceedings. Note: by mutual agreement, staff services to the Board are provided by the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences of Stony Brook University under a reimbursement agreement with the Department


  1. Members may not designate alternates
  2. No compensation for service, except that members are allowed necessary and actual expenses
  3. Not subject to financial disclosure, but must disclose all business activity engaged in with the state
  4. Assist the Department in development and preparation of a comprehensive long-term management plan
  5. Serve as a working forum for the review of data collection needs and scientific information, as well as for the exchange of views, concerns, ideas etc.
  6. Request from the Department information about the resource and fishery, and revisions to any rule, regulation or policy
  7. To consult with, make reports and release information to commercial harvesters as the Board deems necessary
  8. To monitor, assist and advise the Department’s efforts to draft, revise, and implement regulations consistent with the long-term management plan

Current Board Members (as of 01 January 2008)

Michael Craig, Robert Doxsee, Paul Farnham, Gary Johnson, Philip Karlin, Mark King, Robert Martin, James Reilly, LeeAnn Smith, William Wise (Chairman)

Surfclam/Ocean Quahog Management Advisory Board Newsletters

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