Adjunct Professordvarskas

Ph.D., 2007, University of Maryland, College Park

Environmental economics, ecosystem services and resilience of coastal ecosystems, economics of restoration, natural capital accounting


Dvarskas Lab Page



Research Interests

My research interests lie in the interactions of humans with the coastal environment and the challenges associated with balancing economic development, management of pollution, and the health of the underlying resource base. I am particularly interested in the development of methods that link changes in ecosystem indicators to changes in economic well-being. This includes accounting for the value of final ecosystem services (using monetary and non-monetary approaches) and strategies for quantifying losses resulting from pollution and other human impacts. Coastal restoration approaches as a strategy for maintaining or enhancing ecosystem resilience (and potentially securing future ecosystem services) are an important area of investigation in this regard.

Finally, determining how these environmental and natural capital values can be incorporated into more comprehensive analyses of costs and benefits of development decisions and a more complete understanding of national wealth and well-being represents an overarching aim of this research.



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Mark Nepf (MS, 2017)

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