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Kevin A. Reed

Associate Professor

Ph.D., 2012, University of Michigan

Climate Modeling; Climate Change Attribution, Tropical Cyclones; Climate Extremes; Atmospheric Dynamics, Science Policy

Climate Extremes Modeling Group


Dr. Reed and Dr. Donovan Finn are seeking to co-advise a graduate student interested in the use of climate data (including climate model output) to inform public policy, urban planning and infrastructure development. This work combines an understanding of climate science along with an interest in application, in order to explore questions such as: How can we better quantify and visualize the potential effects of a changing climate on human populations? How are uncertainties about climate change dealt with by planners and policymakers? How can scientific data and tools be designed to more effectively respond to the needs of end-users?

Research Interests

Dr. Kevin Reed’s research focuses on extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, may change in the coming decades.  This includes understanding the capability of current and next-generation climate models to simulate extreme weather events.  Dr. Reed’s research aids in advancing our scientific understanding of the impacts of climate change, as well as developing new methodologies to better translate state-of-the-art science for climate adaptation applications and policies.


Selected Publications 

Camargo, S. J., C. Giulivi, A. H. Sobel, A. A. Wing, D. Kim, Y. Moon, J. D. Strong, A. D. Del Genio, M. Kelley, H. Murakami, K. A. Reed, E. Scoccimarro, G. A. Vecchi, M. F. Wehner, C. M. Zarzycki and M. Zhao (2020), Characteristics of model tropical cyclone climatology and the large-scale environmentJ. Climate, 33, 4463-4487, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0500.1.

Hagos, S., G. R. Foltz, C. Zhang, E. Thompson, H. Seo, S. Chen, A. Capotindi, K. A. Reed, C. DeMott and A. Protat (2020), Atmospheric Convection and Air–Sea Interactions over the Tropical Oceans: Scientific Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 101, E253–E258, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-19-0261.1.

Moon, Y., D. Kim, S. J. Camargo, A. A. Wing, A. H. Sobel, H. Murakami, K. A. Reed, E. Scoccimarro, G. A. Vecchi, M. F. Wehner, C. M. Zarzycki and M. Zhao (2020), Azimuthally Averaged Wind and Thermodynamic Structures of Tropical Cyclones in Global Climate Models and Their Sensitivity to Horizontal ResolutionJ. Climate, 33, 1575–1595, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0172.1.

Reed, K. A., A. M. Stansfield, M. F. Wehner, C. M. Zarzycki (2020), Forecasted attribution of the human influence on Hurricane FlorenceScience Advances, 6, 1, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw9253.

Varuolo-Clarke, A. M., K. A. Reed and B. Medeiros (2019), Characterizing the North American Monsoon in the Community Atmosphere Model: Sensitivity to Resolution and TopographyJ. Climate, 32, 8355–8372, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-18-0567.1.

Wing, A. A., S. Camargo, A. H. Sobel, D. Kim, Y. Moon, H. Murakami, K. A. Reed, G. A. Vecchi, M. F. Wehner, C. M. Zarzycki and M. Zhao (2019), Moist static energy budget analysis of tropical cyclone intensification in high-resolution climate modelsJ. Climate, 32, 6071–6095, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-18-0599.1.

Herrington, A. R., P. H. Lauritzen, K. A. Reed, S. Goldhaber and B. E. Eaton (2019), Exploring a lower resolution physics grid in CAM-SE-CSLAMJ. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 11, 1894–1916, doi: 10.1029/2019MS001684.

Chavas, D. R., and K. A. Reed (2019), Dynamical aquaplanet experiments with uniform thermal forcing: system dynamics and implications for tropical cyclone genesis and sizeJ. Atmos. Sci., 76, 2257-2274, doi: 10.1175/JAS-D-19-0001.1.

Zarzycki, C. M., C. Jablonowski, J. Kent, P. H. Lauritzen, R. Nair, K. A. Reed, P. A. Ullrich, D. Dazlich, R. Heikes, C. Konor, D. Randall, T. Dubos, Y. Meurdesoif, X. Chen, L. Harris, C. Kühnlein, V. Lee, A. Qaddouri, C. Girard, D. M. Hall, M. Giorgetta, D. Reinert, J. Klemp, S.-H. Park, W. Skamarock, H. Miura, T. Ohno, R.Yoshida, R. Walko, A. Reinecke and K. Viner (2019), DCMIP2016: Results of the supercell testGeosci. Mod. Dev., 12, 879–892, doi: 10.5194/gmd-12-879-2019.

Langendijk, G., C. Aubry-Wake, M. Osman, C. Gulizia, F. Attig-Bahar, E. Behrens, A. Bertoncini, N. Hart, V. S. Indasi, S. Innocenti, E. C. van der Linden, N. Mamnun, K. Rasouli, K. A. Reed, N. Ridder, J. Rivera, R. Ruscica, B. U. Ukazu, J. P. Walawender, D. P. Walker, B. J. Woodhams and Y. Yilmaz, (2019), Three ways forwards to improve regional information for extreme events: an early career perspectiveFrontiers in Environmental Science, 7, doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2019.00006.

Reed, K. A., J. T. Bacmeister, J. J. A. HuffX. Wu, S. C. Bates and N. A. Rosenbloom (2019), Exploring the impact of dust on North Atlantic hurricanes in a high-resolution climate modelGeophys. Res. Lett., 46, 1105–1112, doi: 10.1029/2018gl080642.

Herrington, A. R., P. H. Lauritzen, M. A. Taylor, S. Goldhaber, B. E. Eaton, J. T. Bacmeister, K. A. Reed and P. A. Ullrich (2019), Physics-dynamics coupling with element-based high-order Galerkin methods: quasi equal-area physics gridMon. Wea. Rev., 147, 69–84, doi: 10.1175/MWR-D-18-0136.1.

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