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Wuyin Lin

linAdjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2002, Stony Brook University


Climate Modeling, Climate Change.

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Research Interests

My research focuses on climate system modeling and climate change diagnostics, with special interests in understanding of the physics of cloud and convective processes, their relations with atmospheric general circulation and climate variabilities, and parameterizations of these processes in large scale models, through observational data analyses and numerical experiments.

My current works include running NCAR Community Climate Model (CAM2) in weather prediction mode to aid in the development of new physical parameterization schemes and in identifying model errors; seasonal predictions; cloud simulator in CAM2 and comparison of model cloud properties with ISCCP ranging from regional to global scales; model study of cloud feedbacks; observational and numerical studies of the relationship between tropical convection and the clear sky upper troposphere water vapor, and the implications for potential climate changes.

Selected Publications

Zhang, M. H., W. Lin, C. S. Bretherton, J. J. Hack and P. J. Rasch, 2003: A modified formulation of fractional stratiform condensation rate in the Community Atmospheric Model CAM2, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol 108, No. D1

Lin, W., M. H. Zhang and M. A. Geller, 1998: Diabatic subsidence in the subtropical upper troposphere drived from SAGE II measurements. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol 25, No 22, 4181-4184

Zhang, M. H., W. Lin and J. T. Kiehl, 1998: Bias of atmospheric shortwave absorption in the NCAR Community Climate Models 2 and 3: Comparison with monthly ERBE/GEBA measurements, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 103, No. D8, 8919-8925

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