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Mark Lang

Mark Lang

Mark Lang

Computer Support Specialist

MS, 2011, Stony Brook University
IT and Windows and Mac desktop support, webmaster, IT Partner

SoMAS Real Time Data Systems
Mark’s SB You! Blog

My role at SoMAS is to provide Information Technology support to faculty, staff and students.  This support ranges from maintaining and improving SoMAS-related websites, including the school’s homepage, and webpages for institutes and research groups (ITPA, Great South Bay Ecosystem) to troubleshooting computer issues and deploying technological solutions.  A complete list of SoMAS-related websites is available here.  As needed, I provide advice to administration, faculty and staff with regard to major redesigns, including the encouragement of social media usage among SoMAS, students, alumni and the community.

In close coordination with SoMAS colleagues, I help maintain feeds of real-time weather and oceanographic data available on the web, through the following channels:

SoMAS Real-Time Data Systems, maintained by the Instrument Laboratory

ITPA:  LIWRF, Storm Surge Prediction, HSC WebcamMulti-Angle Snowflake Camera,

Great South Bay Buoy #1


Citizen’s Weather Observation Program: South P EW5676 HSC EW5678 Southampton EW5677 Smith Point EW5679 Merrick EW5680

I also maintain the social media presence for The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.  Connect with SoMAS on the following social media channels:

Facebook:  SoMAS, The Semester by the Sea at Southampton, The R/V Seawolf, Sustainability Studies
Twitter: SoMAS, Sustainability Studies
Instagram: SoMAS, Sustainability Studies
YouTube: SoMAS
Google+: SoMAS

IT Partner

As an IT Partner, I coordinate with the Division of Information Technology on main campus as the SoMAS representative on various university committees and working groups concerned with computing policy, operations and networking for the campus as a whole. I work with these and other University departments as needed for project implementations and other community-related needs.  Working with the Library’s Preservation Department, the SoMAS collection of Special Reports, Working Papers, Technical Documents and other content has been digitized and made available as an open educational resource.


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