• Ali Andrescavage
  • Andrew Glinsky
  • Ashley Wemp
  • Damien Beri
  • Dylan Corbett
  • Erika Lanfranchi
  • Farrah Leone
  • Gina Greer
  • Jacqueline Johnson
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Matthew Gino
  • Reuven Hoffman
  • Roxana Saravia
  • Kaitlyn Boyle
  • Andrew Larkin
  • Joshua Dodway
  • Karine Kleinhaus


  • Laura Halligan
  • Mark Lusty
  • Brooke Morrell
  • Kaitlyn O’Toole
  • Karin Schweitzer
  • Michelle Barbosa
  • Keenan Fryer
  • Dylan Cottrell
  • Timothy Curtin
  • Evan Horowitz
  • Elizabeth Najman
  • Christopher Seslar
  • Kristofer Tuftedal
  • Sarah Nickford
  • Christopher Brianik
  • Christopher Wozny
  • Darren DeSilva
  • Jacob Segall
  • Kimberly Lato
  • Marie Todey
  • Rebecca Rogers
  • Sherif Abdallah
  • Timothy Frankstone
  • Samantha Nebylitsa


  • Justin Bopp
  • Sara Cernadas-Martin
  • Ryan Wallace
  • Patrick Fitzgerald
  • Sabrina Geraci-Yee
  • Maren Mitch
  • Albert Yau
  • Nicholas Leonardo
  • Isaac Klingensmith
  • Seanna Forrester Mallon
  • Kellie McCartin
  • Irvin Huang
  • Suyash Bire
  • Chen-geng Ma
  • Xiayan Ye
  • Cheng Zheng
  • Patricia Clyde
  • Samantha Roberts
  • Diana Chin
  • Meghan Henderson
  • Adelle Molina
  • Abigail Tyrell
  • Mariana Rius
  • Molly Graffam
  • Stephen Heck
  • Evan Ingram
  • Kylie Langlois
  • Lequan Chi
  • Hang Yin


News articles featuring SoMAS students are listed below:


MAR 333 Field Trips

Dr. Malcolm Bowman has shared his photos from the MAR 333 Coastal Oceanography Class field trips taken during the 2019 and 2018 school years. In 2018, photos from the MAR 333 field trip to the Flax Pond Marine Laboratory showed the bridge on the pond under...

Montauk Lighthouse Historical Society Summer Talks

​The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, in partnership with the Montauk Lighthouse Historical Society, will present a summer lecture series on topical marine and atmospheric science issues in July and August.  Topics, speakers and dates are listed below.  All...

Chris Crosby (BS, 2019)

From Chris Crosby ‘19 Aims to Leave the Planet Healthier Than He Found It on Stony Brook News by Glenn Jochum Maybe it was going hunting and fishing with his grandmother. Or being glued to the Discovery Channel as a kid. Either way, Chris Crosby’s love of nature was...

Saving the Sharks by way of Biological Research

From Saving the Sharks by way of Biological Research on Stony Brook News on June 3, 2019. Global shark populations have experienced exponential declines for decades due to marine pollution, fisheries exploitation and coastal development. Oliver Shipley, a PhD student...

SoMAS Convocation 2019

Photo above: Dean Shepson welcomes the Class of 2019 at the SoMAS Convocation. Congratulations to our graduates!  The annual SoMAS Convocation occurred on Friday, May 24, 2019 at the Center for Leadership and Service. Students gathered with their friends and family...

Lucy DiBenedetto (BS, 2019)

From WISE Student Is an Activist for Local Water Quality on Stony Brook News by Glenn Jochum on May 29, 2019. If you ever want to start a conversation with Lucy DiBenedetto ’19, just ask her about her backpack. It’s festooned with lanyards, pins and hand-stitched...

SoMAS Students Receive End of Year Honors

The end of every school year is an opportunity to highlight the work, honors, and accomplishments of our students, and this year we are celebrating their success again! The SoMAS Undergraduate Environmental Essay Award recognizes and rewards Sustainability Studies and...

SoMAS 2019 Photo Competition

The SoMAS photo competition is an annual event where students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty and staff share their pictures with the SoMAS community and the general public. The Photo Competition will be divided into three categories with a single winner in each...

Charting a Path Toward Bird-Friendly Buildings

Photo above: Stony Brook University freshmen Garret Van Gelder and Katherine Houston. From Charting a Path Toward Bird-Friendly Buildings by Glenn Jochum on Stony Brook University News, May 6, 2019. Two Stony Brook freshmen recently took on a big issue on campus and...

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