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Great South Bay Ecosystem Study

Great South Bay is a shallow, well-mixed, lagoonal system on the south shore of Long Island, NY. Known in the past for its extensive finfish (menhaden, winter flounder, and many other species) and shellfish (hard clam, oyster) populations, along with its extensive eelgrass beds that served as spawning and nursery areas, production of commercial and recreational resources has been in decline for decades.  SoMAS faculty are continuously conducting research in the bay, including Dr. Charles Flagg’s study on Superstorm Sandy’s Breach at Old Inlet.

Shinnecock Bay Restoration Project

In response to deteriorating environmental conditions in Shinnecock Bay on Long Island, faculty at SoMAS founded the Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program (ShiRP) to restore the health of this vital ecosystem. The goal of ShiRP is to use science, outreach, and partnerships to restore the water quality and fisheries of Shinnecock Bay.

Stony Brook Storm Surge Research Group

The Stony Brook Storm Surge Research Group is developing a real-time weather and ocean storm surge prediction system which can be used for a variety of purposes. Such uses include hurricane and nor ‘easter flooding predictions and alerts, water quality and effluent dispersion, the feasibility of building storm surge barriers to protect the New York Metropolitan region from storm damage and coastal flooding in an era of global climate change and rising sea level.

LI Shore

This website maintains a database of meteorological and hydrological data, historical data, images, and written information generated by the system operator or received from other sources. In addition, this site provides in real time a selection of current weather and oceanic observations for use by the national and international community. In an effort to enhance science, experimental products are accessible on this server and care must be taken when using such products as they are intended for research use. Reasonable efforts are made to keep this site available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but timely delivery of data and products from this site through the Internet is not guaranteed.

Previous Research Projects

Sound Science

The Ferry P.T. Barnum has been equipped with several different oceanographic instruments that take measurements of data as the ferry transits the Sound.  These include air temperature, sea surface temperature, wind velocity and direction, current velocity and direction, shortwave and longwave radiation, air pressure, relative humidity, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll content in seawater. The data being collected on the ferry is being used to update or create atmospheric and oceanographic models of Long Island Sound.  These will enable researchers to better understand the dynamics of Long Island Sound.

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News articles related to regional research are linked below.

Sara Hamideh Advocates for Equity in Disaster Recovery

From Sara Hamideh Advocates for Equity in Disaster Recovery by Glenn Jochum on Stony Brook University News, September 22, 2020. Finding more equitable approaches to recovery is a central concern in the work of Sara Hamideh, assistant professor at Stony Brook...

Fall Updates from SoMAS Faculty

The Fall Semester is off and running, and while classes are back in session, SoMAS faculty are bringing in research awards! Dr. Paul Shepson has received a new award from NSF's Office of Polar Programs, in support of the project: "Collaborative Research: CHemistry in...

SoMAS Takes Flight to Measure Air Quality in the Arctic and NYC

Photo above: The ALAR aircraft, operated by Paul Shepson, is one plane that will be flown in Alaska during CHACHA research. Photo credit: The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research From SoMAS Takes Flight to Measure Air Quality in the Arctic and NYC on Stony...

Beyond the Expected: An Interview with Stony Brook’s Naturalist

From Beyond the Expected: An Interview with Stony Brook’s Naturalist on Stony Brook University News, September 11, 2020 Christopher Paparo has been exploring the wilds of Long Island’s marine estuaries for over 30 years, and in this episode of “Beyond the Expected,”...

Tackling a Microbial Mystery During Pandemic Times

Photo above: Sharon Pochron (upper left) meets with URECA research team via Zoom. From Tackling a Microbial Mystery During Pandemic Times on Stony Brook University News by Glenn Jochum on August 24, 2020. When Sharon Pochron assembled a group of students and faculty...

SoMAS Expertise On Display During Shark Week

Lisa Crawford and members of the Frisk Lab join Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino at Tobay Beach. Photos by Meredith Whitten. The Lab of Dr. Michael Frisk attended a press conference in front of media on Wednesday August 12 in light of recent shark sightings...

For Sascha Rosin ’21, the World is Her Oyster

From For Sascha Rosin ’21, the World is Her Oyster by Glenn Jochum on Stony Brook University News, July 30, 2020 Sascha Rosin ’21, a marine sciences major and sustainability studies minor, was left with few employment options this summer after COVID-19 shut down many...

Research Updates from SoMAS Faculty

Photo above: An automated mesocosm called the Red Sea Simulator that will be used by Dr. Karine Kleinhaus for her NSF-funded project. The end of classes at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences is when research projects kick into full gear. Here are some of...

Updates from the Flax Pond Marine Laboratory

Stephen Abrams. Curator at our Flax Pond Marine Laboratory has released the May 2020 Newsletter with updates on the facility. With the summer fast approaching, the interior phase of the Flax Pond Laboratory renovation is reaching its conclusion.  The interior drain...

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