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Principal Investigators: Thomas Wilson and Alex Sneddon at SoMAS;

Funded by LIShore Partners

Project Description: LIShore maintains a database of meteorological and hydrological data, historical data, images, and written information generated by the system operator or received from other sources. In addition, this site provides in real time a selection of current weather and oceanic observations for use by the national and international community. In an effort to enhance science, experimental products are accessible on this server and care must be taken when using such products as they are intended for research use. Reasonable efforts are made to keep this site available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but timely delivery of data and products from this site through the Internet is not guaranteed.

For a more detailed description, visit the project website.

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LIShore (pronounced “Ell Eye Shore”) provides information on sea and shoreline conditions for Long Island, New York. LIShore began in 1998 as the Shinnecock Inlet Field Monitoring Project. From this initial focus on Shinnecock Inlet and Shinnecock Bay, LIShore has expanded along the South Shore of Long Island.  A Pictorial History of Shinnecock Inlet is also available.

Real time data is available from instrument sites operated by LIShore and our collaborators.

Archived historical data from all present and past LIShore instrument deployments is freely available through LIShore via anonymous FTP.

To donate to the LI Shore Real-Time Environmental Data System click here

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