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Principal Investigators:

Dr. Chris Gobler
Dr. Ellen Pikitch


Program Investigators and Students:

Dr. Brad Peterson – Project Investigators
Dr. Demian Chapman – Project Investigators
Christine Santora – Program Coordinator
Sal Caldarello
Giovanni Cerchiara
Bradley Furman
Claire Hoey
Chris Hoppner
Lisa Jackson
Jennifer Kanter
Lauren Kubasky
Rebecca Kulp
Jake LaBelle
Konstantine Rountos
Camilo Salazar
Jessica Steve
Ryan Wallace


Project Description: In response to deteriorating environmental conditions in Shinnecock Bay on Long Island, faculty at SoMAS founded the Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program (ShiRP) to restore the health of this vital ecosystem. The goal of ShiRP is to use science, outreach, and partnerships to restore the water quality and fisheries of Shinnecock Bay.

Scientists and students are aiming to reduce the occurrence of harmful algal blooms and increase shellfish populations, ultimately to restore the nutrient balance and enrich the diversity of plants and animals living in the bay. By performing a baseline survey of the current state of the bay, and then working to replenish shellfish and eelgrass beds, the ShiRP team hopes to return Shinnecock Bay to a thriving estuarine environment.

For a more detailed description, visit the project website or this PDF.

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Current Conditions at SoMAS Southampton Marine Station

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